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What we Offer



Today, from Brazil to United States and Europe administering CO2 under the skin is the great hope of thousands of women. Carboxytherapy effectively gets rid of cellulite, excess fat, stretch marks, psoriasis, laxity. Carbon dioxide is also a great way to get rid of wrinkles. Given in appropriate doses slows the aging process and improves skin appearance.


Dermal Fillers

Hylauronic acid is a elastic gel which is being injected into the base of a wrinkle line. Apart from the added “facial volume”, hylauronic acid helps the skin to regenerate. That is why after the treatment the wrinkles are less visible because of the decreased depth.



DermaPen - visible reduction in wrinkles, reducing visible pores, treatment of stretch marks, acne scars and burn



Youth is in your blood. An innovative way of performing treatments using specially prepared solution made from the patient's own blood platelets. Treatments using platelet-rich plasma takes advantage of the regenerative function of the body. The blood plasma, is the primary liquid constituent of the blood. It is approx. 55% of blood volume.



Injection of Botox ® is a non - surgical, method that can be used to help to diminish glabellar lines, crows feet. Botulinum toxin Botulinum toxin can be used to attenuate the activity of facial muscles by blocking groups of nerve connections. It takes only 10 painless minutes to apply botulinum toxin. The effect can be seen instantly and it lasts up to six months (subj. to consultation).



Chemical peels are used in aesthetic medicine as an auxiliary procedure in order to obtain good tension and beautiful skin tone.

Eskulap - Polska Klinika Londyn

The Surgery Eskulap was founded in 2004 in London, as the first to supply the English and Polish community with professional medical care. We are pioneers, and that is why our mission is to improve the health and medical awareness of UK citizens. We are carrying out our best endeavours to supply high quality services, to exceed National Minimum Standards, and to respect equality, privacy and dignity of patients.


We are using only highest quality materials, approved to be used and distributed in the EU.


Our Doctors are active participants in various science societies and medical organisations: Polish Aesthetic Medicine and Anti Ageing Society, Polish Otolaryngologist and Neck Surgeon Society, General Medical Council, British College of Aesthetic Medicine.


Treatments are performed by qualified doctors with extensive experience and knowledge in the medical field as well as many awards and certificates in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.


We rely on professionalism and guarantee the safety of all patients. Full discretion provided.

News from aesthetic medicine.

Polska Klinika Eskulap dodał(a) 6 nowych zdjęć.

Każda Konferencja naukowa przynosi nowe rozwiązania w Medycynie Estetycznej. Na ostatnim spotkaniu w Warszawie sporo doniesień naukowych o kolagenie. Wprowadzamy tą doskonałą metodę regeneracji i odbudowy skóry do naszej oferty. Kolagen w naturalny sposób nadaje skórze elastyczności, wygładza zmarszczki, usuwa blizny potrądzikowe, nadaje gładkości skórze twarzy, szyi i dekoltu. Kolagen zapewnia powrót do młodości... Each Scientific Conference brings new solutions into aesthetic medicine. During the last meeting in Warsaw a lot of scientific reports refer to collagen. We are introducing this excellent method of regeneration and reconstruction of the skin in our clinic. Collagen naturally gives the skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, removes acne scars, gives facial skin smoothness, neck and décolleté. Collagen can provide a way to retrieve your youth...

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Kolejny kongres Medycyny Estetycznej w Warszawie. Nowe trendy w odmładzaniu i modelowaniu sylwetki. Wprowadzamy je w naszych gabinetach w Polsce i w Londynie. Polska Klinika,

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