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Dr Margaret Lewicka-Kisiel



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What we Offer



Chemical peels are used in aesthetic medicine as an auxiliary procedure in order to obtain good tension and beautiful skin tone.

plexr gabinet słupsk powieki


Many people are affected from excess skin on their eyelids, which gives them a tired and 'aged' look. Patients often avoid blepharoplasty due to the fear of anaesthetic and possible complications encountered during traditional methods. Plexr solves this.


HIFU Ultherapy

Production of new collagen and elastin deep within the skin is stimulated by Ultherapy® a non-surgical ultrasound treatment. Ulthera uses ultrasound energy to target deep layers creating a lifting and tightening effect.


Dermal Fillers

Hylauronic acid is a elastic gel which is being injected into the base of a wrinkle line. Apart from the added “facial volume”, hylauronic acid helps the skin to regenerate. That is why after the treatment the wrinkles are less visible because of the decreased depth.



DermaPen - visible reduction in wrinkles, reducing visible pores, treatment of stretch marks, acne scars and burn


PDO Threads

Advantages of using PDO Threads - high efficacy and lack of complications. At a low price you can achieve satisfactory effects that last for a long time.

Eskulap - Polska Klinika Londyn

The Surgery Eskulap was founded in 2004 in London, as the first to supply the English and Polish community with professional medical care. We are pioneers, and that is why our mission is to improve the health and medical awareness of UK citizens. We are carrying out our best endeavours to supply high quality services, to exceed National Minimum Standards, and to respect equality, privacy and dignity of patients.


We are using only highest quality materials, approved to be used and distributed in the EU.


Our Doctors are active participants in various science societies and medical organisations: Polish Aesthetic Medicine and Anti Ageing Society, Polish Otolaryngologist and Neck Surgeon Society, General Medical Council, British College of Aesthetic Medicine.


Treatments are performed by qualified doctors with extensive experience and knowledge in the medical field as well as many awards and certificates in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.


We rely on professionalism and guarantee the safety of all patients. Full discretion provided.

News from aesthetic medicine.

Polska Klinika Eskulap London – kochany(a) w: Polska Klinika Eskulap London.

Aesthetic Medicine World Congress Warszawa. Spotykamy producentów i dystrybutorów. Nowości i warsztaty medyczne. Tylko w Klinice Eskulap otrzymasz wysokospecjalistyczną opiekę popartą wiedzą i doświadczeniem. Bezpłatne konsultacje. #Plasmolifting #MedMagic

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W trakcie sesji szkoleniowej w Atenach... Zabiegi małoinwazyjne bez bólu bez igieł. Wygładzanie skóry, Plexr - Londyn i Birmingham. Odmładzanie spłycanie zmarszczek. Uniesienie zmęczonych powiek.

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