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A wide range of dental services provided with the most modern medical equipment. Your Dentist in London Greenford Clinic. Various promotions and discounts on selected dental services. All treatments are performed by qualified and registered doctors and dentists.

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Your Dentist in London, Greenford

Your Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic London. PhD dentist, a full range of dental services provided with the most modern medical equipment. Numerous promotions and discounts on selected dental services.

Restorative Dentistry

We offer you composite fillings of renowned Belgian (GC, Gradia material) and American (3M – Filtek material) companies. The variety of composite material colours allows for a perfect match of a filling with a natural colour of a tooth.botox-oferta1

Preventative Dentistry

-Oral hygiene instruction – detailed guidance on the principals of oral care.

-Scaling – a treatment in which hard dental deposits (tartar) accumulating on the dental crown surfaces are removed with the use of ultrasound devices. At the end of each scaling treatment all of the cleaned surfaces are polished, which prevents another dental plaque accumulation and provides a patient with a pleasant sensation of smooth teeth.

-Teeth fluoridation – a procedure in which fluoride containing preparations are applied on cleaned teeth. Fluorine is most effective in caries prevention on smooth, tangential and gingival surfaces.


Dental Surgery

-Extractions (including retained and still unerupted teeth as well), extractions of wisdom teeth

-Treatment of abscesses and oro-facial fistulas

-Root resections and hemiscetions

-Treatments involving the removal of fibromas, epulides, mucoceles, papillomas and other mucous membrane alterations

-Surgical preparation of the oral cavity for the prosthodontic treatment

-Undercutting of lip and tongue frena


-Fixed restorations – they are permanently fixed on implants, crown-root inlays or natural teeth (f.i. crowns, bridges, veneers).

-Removable restorations – they are attached with the use of bolts, latches and locks system or telescopic crowns, which are functionally and aesthetically important.

-Fixed-removable restorations – it is a combination of removable dentures with fixed restorations.


A dental implant is a small element being a substitute for a tooth root. Titanium is the most frequently used material in implant production – it is very well tolerated by human body and it does not cause allergic reactions.

Bone embedded implant is a base for prosthetic work serving as a pillar which allows bridges, crowns or prosthesis to be installed.

Due to this method new teeth function entirely like the natural ones do. They provide excellent aesthetic effect and improve patient’s health together with their general well-being. Thanks to implants they may freely laugh, talk and eat whatever they like.


-Gingivitis is a reversible disease – proper treatment and correct oral hygiene guarantee the remission.

-Untreated gingivitis may lead to a periodontal disease – toxins produced by plaque bacteria initially cause gum destruction and then the destruction of a bone in which teeth are embedded – as a result teeth lose touch with a bone, they wobble and fall out.

-Periodontal diseases are a very serious infectious outbreak for the whole body – medical research has proved that there is a close link between advanced, untreated periodontal diseases and the occurrence of systemic diseases and bacterial endocarditis, non-specific inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, strokes, eye inflammation, arthritis and premature deliveries.

Paediatric Dentistry

Milk teeth allow for chewing food, correct pronunciation development and they have influence on a child’s facial features. Another role of milk teeth is to keep room for permanent teeth. In a case of premature loss of milk teeth f.i. due to caries, a permanent tooth may grow in a wrong place, which consequently may lead to the crowding of the remaining teeth. Children’s teeth require control. The first meeting of a little patient with a dentist is an event which may have serious consequences for their further attitude towards dental treatment. If the first visit takes place when a child already starts to feel the pain chances are they will associate the dentist and the clinic with something unpleasant. It is because children are very sensitive patients who vividly react to all kinds of pain. Therefore, it is extremely important for parents or guardians to try to form a positive attitude in their children towards visits at the dentist’s and taking care of their teeth form an early age. The best time for the first visit at the dentist’s is when the first milk teeth start to appear. It often happens very early.

It is worth asking beforehand what a child’s first visit at the dentist’s is going to be like. So called adaptive visit may be an excellent way to encourage a child to meet a dentist. During such meetings children get to know their doctor as well as dental surgery equipment. Enabling children to get acquainted with the equipment independently is highly beneficial.

Early childhood caries may already appear in your child’s oral mouth in the first period of their lives (cavities may be visible to the naked eye or possible to detect by a dentist). Initially pathological changes look like milky white spots. Subsequently, they undergo discolouration process into yellow-brown colour in order to turn into cavities.

The offer of our clinic for our youngest patients includes:

-Adaptive visits

-Milk teeth treatment

-Caries prophylaxis – fluoridation


For more information please visit or call 07747474755

The clinic is located in Greenford at 147 Ruislip Road UB6 9QQ on the main street with parking free for patients. The main entrance is adapted for disabled patients. A good landmark are Polish DelicatessenMleczko’ because the clinic is located on the opposite side of the road. Corner of Eastmead Avenue and Ruislip Road, Greenford, Northolt, Acton, Perivale, Hayes, Southall.

From Ealing Broadway station (District line) use buses E7 and E9. From Greenford station (Central line) use buses 105 and E6. Our Stop: ‘Beechwood Avenue’. Free Parking for Patients.

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