Interview with Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel Radio Słupsk Part 2

The least invasive procedure are phenolic peels, but apparently because they often require longer convalescence than, for example, thread implantation or administration of hyaluronic acid, and definitely longer than administration of botox. We have three types of peels with different percentages from 5 to 60% phenol concentration for different ladies for different skin types and… Read more

Interview with Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel Radio Słupsk Part 1

Interview with Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel Radio Słupsk Presenter Mira Hopf talks with Dr Małgorzata, owner of Eskulap Aesthetic Medicine Clinics in Poland and United Kingdom. Doctor for some time women use different types of creams, at which moment can women start more invasive treatments? In fact, skin care can be divided into two types, care… Read more

How to sweeten to be healthy and slim – Eskulap Beauty News London

Honey, stevia, xylitol, or maybe cane sugar? How to sweeten to be healthy and slim? Most people only look at two features of sweeteners: whether they are natural or artificial, and how many calories they have. However, the most important feature of sweeteners is the GI – glycemic index. The higher the index, the greater… Read more

CBD Cosmetics in your Garden – Eskulap Beauty News

CBD Cosmetics in your Home Garden – Eskulap Beauty News Recently very popular CBD cannabidoil is derived from the cannabis plant. Whether its food, cocktails, clothing or chocholade, CBD is added to amlost everything you can possibly think of. And recently the controvertial ingredient is storming the world of beauty and skincare. Brands are on… Read more

Electronic Face Mask – Eskulap Beauty News

Electronic Face Mask – Eskulap Beauty News Since 1854, bags, shoes, jewellery and fragrance have been proudly crafted by Louis Vuitton, For the first time in history they are creating hospital aprons. The gowns are being made for frontline workers at six hospitals in Paris. Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO: “We are proud… Read more

Hate Speech and Unlicensed Procedures – Eskulap Beauty News

Eskulap Beauty News – Hate Speech and Unlicensed Procedures April 7th , World Health Day, Poles applauded healthcare workers, thanking them for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. A few days later, medics say they are victims of hate speech. The Public begins to treat them like lepers, as they are afraid of infection. One Doctor reported… Read more

So Surgical Masks Do Actually Work? – Eskulap Beauty News

So Surgical Masks Do Actually Work? – Eskulap Beauty News Media sources publish conflicting information about the effectiveness of wearing masks, and scientific research is still not sufficient. Experts’ opinions are slowly changing … and in the media we can see more and more information that encourages wearing masks. Hello and welcome, Michał Kisiel, Eskulap… Read more

How to make Hand Sanitizer

How to make Hand Sanitizer DIY according to WHO? Hello everyone. Today we make are making hand sanitizer at home according to WHO. To perform this task you will need: Ethanol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and water. Mix the products in the right proportions and you can add aloe vera gel for a pleasant aroma. Watch… Read more

New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coronaviruses contain crown-like spikes on their surface, hence their name. There are four main sub-groupings of coronaviruses. They have been named as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Most commonly Minks and Ferrets can be infected with a Coronavirus. They are generally not a threat to humans. However, some coronaviruses that infect animals… Read more

History of Aesthetic Medicine (Short Documentary)

It would take ages to recount the whole history of plastic surgery. Some date it’s birth back to ancient times, while others, consider the nineteenth century as the beginning. Regardless of the date, this story is NOT, without a thrill. Contemporary plastic surgery is very sophisticated, however the tremendous jump in it’s development didn’t happen… Read more