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PDO Threads

Effective but not invasive face lifting method, which effects are comparable to surgical lifting techniques using the latest biodegradable materials. Thread Lift.

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Advantages of using PDO Threads – high efficacy and lack of complications. At a low price you can achieve satisfactory effects that last for a long time.

Thread Lift Barb 4D Technique

First Lift Barb 4D is a new unique PDO thread with a specially developed system of densely spaced microscopic hooks around the threads in two directions, four dimensions, hence the name. In addition, the thread is much thicker than traditional PDO thread, which maximizes the lifting effect. The lengths of threads are different and are selected to meet the the patient needs.

The technique is fast, safe and easy to perform. It does not require skin incision because the threads are introduced through a thin needle into the subcutaneous tissue. Once implanted under the skin hooks open, raising the drooping tissues and thus providing a strong lifting effect. The whole procedure takes about an hour. Possible bruising and redness, skin wrinkles may be hidden under makeup.

The Idea behind Thread Lift Barb 4D

Smoothing of wrinkles and improvement of facial contours are the results of the mechanical action introduced by the thread. Threads introduced under the skin of work as muscle tension, holding subcutaneous tissue. In a subsequent step biomedical properties of polydioxanone are enabled. After about 14 days of treatment, there is a process neocolagenesis – stimulates the production of new collagen – the protein responsible for the tension and firmness of the skin.

Indications for Treatmentlift

First Lift Barb 4D Threads are recommended for patients from 30 years. Indication for surgery is the loss of firmness and skin tension and changes in face contour. Perfect for lifting the chin, eyebrows, changes in jaw line and cheek contour. Patients who desire to improve the appearance of other parts of the body, are recommended to use traditional PDO threads.


How it works?

The Lifting effect is achieved mechanically by a special weave of threads. Threads made from Polydioxanone (PDO) that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The effects of the treatment last 2-3 years!



Tensioning and Lifting of sagging skin


Chin Modeling


Mandible Contour Modeling


Face Lifting


Brow Lift


Wrinkle Reduction


High Effectiveness


Low Price


Long Lasting Effects

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