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Many people are affected from excess skin on their eyelids, which gives them a tired and ‘aged’ look. Patients often avoid blepharoplasty due to the fear of anaesthetic and possible complications encountered during traditional methods. Plexr solves this.


From the most common ‘dog ears’ to asymmetry of the eyes, hypertrophic scars and cheloids, to lagophthalmos. The non-ablative blepharoplasty does not use a scalpel or laser to remove the excess skin, thus avoids the risks inherent in the traditional procedure.

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This procedure is defined as ‘dynamic’ because it gives the unique opportunity to the doctor to ask the patient to open and close their eyes during the treatment, which can clearly show the skin’s folds that still need to be treated. This technique is also defined as ‘non-ablative’ because it is performed without incision, without removing excess skin or fat, or without altering the orbicularis muscle in the eyelids.


The revolutionary Non-Ablative Blepharoplasty procedure is performed by removing the corneocytes through sublimation. Sublimation means the direct transformation from solid to gas state. A standard session normally lasts around 10 minutes. Plexr allows perfect plasticity of the eyelid movement as soon as the procedure is completed. The dots sublimate the superficial corneocytes without affecting the basal laminate or without causing bleeding and, most importantly, without causing any necrotic damage to the surrounding and underlying tissues. After many years of research, e2279f_8fdca144e2b24287bedda5967936fe0fit is now possible to shorten the excess skin at the outer periocular level, using non-ablative blepharoplasty to reduce the expression wrinkles.


We can finally confirm that the non-ablative dynamic blepharoplasty sublimation is definitely superior to the traditional surgery.  This is not only because of the fantastic aesthetic and functional results, but also because of the elimination of discomfort, risks and costs.


There is a high demand from Asian patients seeking to modify their eye line in order to obtain a more ‘western’ look through exposing the lacrimal caruncle. Optimal results can be obtained using Plexr, avoiding the risks and leaving no sign associated with cosmetic surgery.


We can use the Plexr system for:

Blepharoplasty, acne treatment, post-acne scaring, mini lifting, body and belly lifting, treatment of scars, smoke lines treatment, papulosa nigra removal, swollen periumbilical striation, removal offibromas, naevi, kheloids.




Acne Treatment


Mini Lifting


Smoke Lines



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