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U225 Mesotherapy

Innovative design and unique features make the U225 one of the best Mesotherapy and Carboxytherapy devices on the market. Micro injection nappage process enables painless application of a special acupuncture needle to delicate areas for rejuvenation and age prevention.

U225 Mesotherapy – Aesthetic Medicine Clinic London and Birmingham


u225-whiteThanks to its technical expertise and its know-how Made in France, Needle Concept® has designed a Meso, reliable and ergonomic. U225® can be used to perform both treatments on the face and the rest of the body, a consistent and repeatable with a large selection of injection frequency. The U225 provides the ease of implementation and uses high frequencies of injection to comfort the patient. Patients have a less painful feeling thanks to the fineness of the needles and the speed of penetration of the needle.

Each U225® is unique. Entirely hand assembled by skilled technicians, 7 hours are needed to perform full editing and many quality control at different stages of production.

Separation of the needle and syringe – This principle allows to eliminate all vibration and ensures a perfect linearity in the movement of the needle.
High precision and high reliability
The U225 with its unique blocking system, limited product loss.
Its design ensures an intensive use, precision and proven reliability25g-40-titree
Electro-pneumatic device. A unique specificity which allows to obtain power, durability, and consistency.

Depth adjustment – With the U225 the practitioner can fine-tune the penetration of the needle between 1 and 10mm

High frequency microinjections / minute

The operator guides the device along the skin. The U225 mesotherapy device is an ideal tool for Aesthetic Medicine treatments. Excellent for use in difficult areas such as Above the Eye or Lip zone. Treatments do not cause any pain and discomfort, no bruising or significant bleeding.

During the meso lift procedure droplets of product, hyaluronic acid and vitamins may remain on the surface of the skin. This is good as the product will be soon absorbed through the micro needling pores in the skin. Stimulate elastin fibers where the skin is damaged has stretched and sagged.

Increasing the effectiveness of traditional mesolift methods and helping to fight against the premature ageing of the skin, by improving its tone and elasticity. Follow-up sessions are recommended at a rate of two per month.u225-gros-plan-1

Mesotherapy around the eye

Mezo products hydrate the skin through a blend of micronutrients, amino acids, multivitamins, oligoelements, nucleotides, antioxidants, and a certain quantity of hyaluronic acid. Treatments using Platelet Rich Plasma can also be carried out using the U225 mesotherapy device. One session per month for the first three months should be performed. And then aim for the total of six sessions per year.

During the treatment a slight rash may appear on the skin, the patient may feel some tightness in the skin due to the action on the elastin fibers. This sensation should disappear within an hour. At the end of the session the skin is almost dry indicating that the droplets have been completely absorbed. The patient feels a warm tingling on the skin but no other discomfort. There is a slight tightening sensation. This is normal and indicates that the elastin fibers have been considerably stimulated during the session.

Neck and Decolte

A visible difference will be seen after three to five sessions. And follow-up sessions from time to time will help to maintain results. Follow the fine lines along the neck to effectively stimulate the elastin fibers. No anesthetic is necessary when using the U225 Mesotherapy.

Back of the hands

The treatment nourished the tissue that has dried up over time. And at least of five sessions will be necessary to obtain visible results. Follow-up sessions throughout the year are recommended. For age prevention Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is one of the most effective tools for improving the skin. The inner side of the arms are often areas where sagging can occur. Mesotherapy is very effective here for improving skin tone and elasticity when using the high frequency micro needling mode.

Using the  U225 for Alopecia treatment is very effective. In women, notable hair growth is stimulated. In men, it stops hair loss and improves the overall density of the hair whilst promoting a better scalp and thicker individual hair. With the U225 pain free treatment is now possible.

When using a vitamin mix, hair growth will normally occur in women after two to four sessions at a rate of 2 per month – over a minimum of 6 months and with follow-up sessions afterwards. For men, treatment is continued over the year at a rate of one session per month to maintain results.

High frequency micro needling can be used to stimulate the scalp. We can use the PRP instead of the Vitamin mix in which case the number of session will be considerably fewer than those using the blend of Vitamins. It is clear that using the U225 is pain free regardless of the specific application or sensitivity of the zone being treated. The high frequency mode greatly increases the effectiveness of this kind of therapy. Backed up by scientific evidence. Innovative design, quality of components, high technological precision used in its manufacturing process, versatility and pain free application.



Back of the hands


Anti Ageing




Alopecia - Hair Loss


Dark Circles




Platelet Rich Plasma

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