We specialize in Aesthetic Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging and Dentistry.

Eskulap Clinic in London since 2004.

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    What distinguishes us from other clinics?

    All our doctors are specialists, consultants listed on the GMC Specialist Register.

    Safe Practice – we are certified by the only official UK aesthetic medicine society BCAM.

    Radiologist at Eskulap Clinic is a specialist in the field of diagnostic imaging and member of the prestigious radiology society Royal College of Radiologists.

    Unlike beauty salons, only healthcare providers employing doctors can register with the CQC.

    As the only aesthetic clinic in the UK, we use ultrasound scans and radiology specialist interpretation to determine the plan and effects of treatment.

    We are open 7 days a week.

    Eskulap is a family and that’s how we treat our patients. You can always make an appointment with a specialist you already know.

    We spend an average of 37 minutes more addressing the patient compared to other clinics *

    *Based on AMC London 2020 survey.

    Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap London and Birmingham office.

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    Quality and Safety

    • 40 years of experience in face and neck surgery
    • Specialistic knowledge
    • Visible results
    • Individual approach
    • Quality and safety
    • Full discretion and satisfaction
    • Some treatments only available in London


    • Certified medical devices available only to Doctors
    • HIFU 3D
    • Computer skin examination
    • Diode Laser
    • Plasma facelift
    • Modeling the body and face in 3D
    • Microneedle radiofrequency

    A trusted aesthetic medicine clinic in London

    For women and men who are interested in an aesthetic medicine, London may be the location to visit the Eskulap clinic. Eskulap has been operating in Great Britain since 2004. We use modern treatment techniques, such as microneedling radiofrequency, redermalization, HIFU, carboxytherapy. Certified GMC doctors and specialists in the field of plastic surgery offer a variety of face and body treatments, such as lifting, removing lines and wrinkles, hyperhidrosis treatment, labiaplasty, mesotherapy, filling with dermal fillers hyaluronic acid or fat removal. Many years of experience and high qualifications of our staff provide safety to all patients.


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    Eskulap clinic London – GMC specialists

    The Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap offers not only beauty treatments. For people who are interested in finding a Polish clinic, London can be a good location to use our services. Specialists we work with include, among others, a radiologist, plastic surgeon, dentist, gynecologist and trichologist. In addition to implantology and cosmetic dentistry, we provide standard dental and periodontal treatment, dental prosthetics and treatment of problems related to chewing and biting food. Breast, lung and Doppler ultrasound scan examinations with a description/interpretation are just some of the treatments offered at the Eskulap clinic in London. People with baldness or excessive hair loss can visit a trichologist. We also have an extensive section of vitamin drip and nutritional cocktails with health-promoting substances. Please contact us and sign up for consultations.

    About Us - Eskulap Clinic in London, Greenford and Birmingham

    We specialize in aesthetic medicine, diagnostic imaging and dentistry. We are pioneers using innovative and effective techniques. Eskulap anti-aging clinic was established in 2004 as one of the first Clinics in the UK – in Greenford, west London – to offer specialist aesthetic medicine services. Treatments are performed by specialist aesthetic medicine doctors trained in the field of face and neck plastic surgery with over 40 years of experience, consultants and members of British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and qualified nurses.

    Specialist consultants in aesthetic medicine, diagnostic imaging, dentistry and anti ageing medicine at Eksulap clinic in Greenford, west London and Birmingham office, invite women and men for consultation where a detailed treatment plan will be constructed. We offer a wide range of treatments in aesthetic medicine, diagnostic imaging and dentistry tailored to the needs of our patients, latest products and procedures performed according to global trends. Visit our website to find the cost of the treatment and view results before and after. Stop your aging clock ticking.

    Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel
    Face and Neck Surgery Consultant

    Eskulap Beauty News Blog

    Enter your phone number and our consultant will call you back …

      Contact data

      147 Ruislip Road,
      Greenford, London
      UB6 9QQ

      Shakespear Crescent
      Hockley, Birmingham
      B18 5BT

      phone 07747 474755

      Opening hours:

      Mon – Sat 11:00 – 19:00

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