Are you looking for a private clinic in your area? We are based in Greenford and offer full spectrum of dental services including implants, veneers, prostheses, emergency appointments and root canal treatment. Our Radiology department is hosted by a specialist radiologist registered with RCR Royal College of Radiologists. Diagnostic imaging procedures like ultrasound scans and doppler are the norm. You don’t need a referral and you get your scan interpretation during the same visit.

As a patient, you’re probably eager to receive the best care possible, and so are we! Our clinical staff here at Eskulap knows that staying up to date on the latest medical technologies and products on the market is the key to providing you with the best care possible.

Our clinic is staffed by specialist doctors who continually strive to stay at the top of their field. Surgeons that perform plastic surgery procedures at our Greenford clinic have 30 years of experience in face and neck surgery, bleph – upper and lower eyelid correction and ear pinning of protruding ears. We all attend scientific conferences and exhibitions to learn about the latest products, injection techniques. At these meetings, our doctors gain in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements in healthcare, so we can apply it in practice. Our clinical staff is able network with other doctors and to obtain the secretly guarded know-how. This knowledge gives us an advantage over other clinics, as we’re able to provide our patients with the latest and greatest care options.

Doctors at Eskulap clinic are committed to provide quality of care and to improve patient safety. During conferences and exhibitions like CCR and ACE in London our doctors meet with medical distributors. We are able have access, train and use latest products and techniques that ensure treatment effectiveness. We’re constantly on the lookout and able to learn about the newest products and technologies as soon as they become available. The medical field is constantly evolving, which is why our clinical staff attends these conferences on a periodic basis. The benefits of visiting our Greenford clinic are obvious. We are on top of latest advancements and trends in healthcare, so our patients can receive best possible care. That is why we present this video to you. It’s a quick glimpse of what we encountered during this years ACE and CCR aesthetic medicine, beauty conferences.


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