Are you pregnant and wondering if you can participate in aesthetic medicine treatments? Facial treatments during pregnancy are not prohibited; However, it is worth carefully reading the description of the given project in which we intend to participate.

Facial treatments during pregnancy – what to choose?

Aesthetic medicine has a lot to offer pregnant women, but it is important to know the limits and choose treatments appropriate to your situation. What facial treatments are safe during pregnancy? What aesthetic medicine treatments during pregnancy? Can cellulite treatments be used during pregnancy? Are there safe firming treatments during pregnancy? Let’s take a look at these important topics.

During pregnancy, facial skin may change its appearance. Hormonal changes can lead to increased sebum production, acne or discoloration. However, not all facial treatments during pregnancy are safe. There are certain treatments that are definitely safe and can increase the comfort and self-esteem of expectant mothers. These include professional skin cleansing, peeling, facial lymphatic drainage and facial massage.

Aesthetic medicine treatments during pregnancy – yes or no?

Providing professional care, our aesthetic medicine office in London and its experienced employees carefully select appropriate techniques for pregnant women. However, treatments based on laser or radio technology, such as IPL, fraxel, HIFU or other treatments using strong energy, are not recommended during pregnancy. However, cellulite treatments during pregnancy and firming treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, massage or moisturizing and nourishing treatments, can improve the well-being and appearance of the skin. It is also worth emphasizing that safe firming treatments during pregnancy are those based on massage or skin moisturization. Carefully selected skin care products can also provide benefits. And what about the face? Facial treatments, such as gentle peelings, skin cleansing or facial massage, are safe during pregnancy, but consultation with an experienced specialist is necessary.

Aesthetic medicine treatments during pregnancy should be chosen in moderation and after consultation with an experienced specialist. Whether it’s facial treatments, aesthetic medicine treatments during pregnancy, or cellulite treatments during pregnancy and firming treatments during pregnancy, you should always remember about safety for both yourself and your unborn child.

If you want to take proper care of yourself during pregnancy, be sure to check out our offer! We are a salon that has been operating for many years and offers its clients the highest quality treatments. We take into account the needs and capabilities of everyone, offering treatments tailored to their situation. Come to us even if you are pregnant, and we will certainly help you firm your facial skin or exfoliate your body. Trust the specialists and visit our showroom in Słupsk. Using our excellent services is a guarantee of complete satisfaction, as many customers have already experienced.


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