Interview with Dr. Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel on aesthetic medicine treatments and complications when such treatments are performed by unauthorized persons, e.g. beauticians and hairdressers. Mira Hopf’s report was broadcast at 19:15 on Radio Koszalin and Radio Słupsk on April 26, 2018.



Part 2


Mira Hopf (Radio Koszalin): What other treatments are dangerous and should be performed by a professional?


Dr Lewicka-Kisiel (Klinika Eskulap The seemingly innocent injection of hyaluronic acid into the vertical wrinkle of the forehead, the so-called lion’s wrinkle, can cause blindness, necrosis of the half of the face, because there are blood vessels that go directly to the brain, there are many complications of this type because someone who does not know anatomy and thinks that how to inject some preparation here on the forehead is safe. I also heard the opinion “What’s on the face?”. The face is most vascularized in a very dangerous area because these vessels go superficially and injecting hyaluronic acid into the nasolabial folds or even the seemingly innocent lip augmentation carries the risk of necrosis, swelling, large complications ending with surgical treatment burdening the National Health Fund, because they are already medical complications that an unauthorized person cannot treat, a doctor can treat a complication if it happens, he knows what to do, knows what to do, knows what medicine to use, how to help the patient without sending him to the hospital in order to burden the budget of the National Health Fund.


Mira Hopf (Radio Koszalin): Before performing the procedure, you probably do a thorough interview, you must find out what the patient is suffering from, what medications are he taking and what is his motivation for deciding to undergo this procedure?


Dr Lewicka-Kisiel (Klinika Eskulap Each medical action is preceded by a thorough examination of the patient, collecting an interview, first of all by the patient signing an appropriate form, filling out a form about his health, assessing what the patient expects, assessing the possibility of doing what the patient expects, as well as informing him in a very broad way what we can get through this procedure . Each of my patient examinations is synchronized with the implementation of the treatment plan. It is like information for the patient about the scope of treatments that can be performed, including prices, of course, so that there will be no misunderstandings about the possibility of performing the treatment at what price and we agree with the patient or the patient because men equally use this type of service.


Mira Hopf (Radio Koszalin): What treatments do patients use most often?


Dr Lewicka-Kisiel (Klinika Eskulap At the moment, gentlemen, use the services of androgenic alopecia treatment because they are often young men who begin to go bald, it is true that there is an increased amount of androgens in their body. It is an excellent alternative at the moment, it is a very effective one-time treatment that inhibits this type of process. The name of this treatment Rregenera Activa has been used for three years in Italy.I bought this system and in Słupsk it is quite popular here, but besides, men also use mesotherapy, botox on crow’s feet practically just like women start to take care of themselves and that does not mean at all that they are some effeminate people. They are 100% men who, like brushing their teeth, treat caring for their skin a very positive symptom that I also observe abroad because I also work there and in Poland it is a bit slower it develops gentlemen have more resistance, luckily they are overcome and I am glad that I have more and more men. Improving the appearance of the patient makes the patient more confident at all and has no complexes does not avoid eyesight does not hide in the corners the truth can present himself better during an interview because he feels better truth A confident man is a better looking person and as you mentioned, some positions even require good looks and good looks. There is nothing wrong with trying to stop this time and keep youth.