Hello Michał from Eskulap Beauty News we are at the 22nd congress of aesthetic medicine with Ms. Ewa Raszyńska, we already have one device at our clinic which is very popular among our patients. Ewa, please tell me what this year the company has prepared as new products on the market. What can we expect new? The fullerene filter is by far the biggest novelty.

The fullerene filter came to us about a year and a half ago, it causes the enhanced effect of Bioptron and we accelerate the treatment by 30 to 50% and in addition we can also say that the fullerene filter activates 3 types of collagen 1.3 and 7 so that all wounds heal faster. All diseases that we will illuminate with the fullerene filter will heal faster.

Ewa, it has been known for a long time that Bioptron products are used not only in aesthetic medicine, not only in classical medicine, I heard fullerene, how did you use fullerene?

Fullerene was used to produce it to create fullerene glasses. Tesla fullerene glasses are glasses that strengthen the eyeball muscle ciliary muscle of the eye counteract macular degeneration these are glasses that slow down the aging process of the eye, improve visual acuity as well as delay and even prevent development, but what is most important is that they cut out harmful blue radiation that accompanies us everywhere laptops televisions smartphones, LED lighting, solar are those to which we are exposed every day and it presents very nicely here our folder on how harmful blue radiation was cut after putting on fullerene glasses.

Ms. Ewa is fantastic information I will have to use it myself I am sitting in front of the computer from morning to evening And with patients and for pleasure. These are fullerene glasses in which I am at the congress all day today so my eyes are rested. Thank you again for the conversation we are coming back to the conference on the first floor during the 22 Congress of Aesthetic Medicine once again thank you very much Ewa for the presentation of Bioptron products we will be in touch thank you.


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