Collagen and PRP injections Before and After

Welcome to our London clinic. We are here with Iza our regular patient. Before our first visit, what encouraged you to start your journey with aesthetic medicine?

I noticed my skin is sagging down and my eyes started to look tired. My skin was not in great shape. Every time when I spoke with my Mum she kept saying that I look tired. After the treatments using PRP platelet rich plasma and mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid my friends started to notice the change in my appearance. They kept asking what creams I am using, I did not change any of my creams but they clearly noticed the transformation of my skin only after 3 months since I started the treatments.

This is the result that we want to achieve using treatments in aesthetic medicine. At the end of this video we will show the effects before and after the treatments. They are worth seeing. We already had a series of 5-6 procedures done using PRP with hyaluronic acid and this session is already completed. We remind all patients that the best results using PRP mesotherapy treatments (vampire lift) in aesthetic medicine can be achieved after 4-5 treatments done no longer than 30 days apart each procedure. Iza is thorough and she comes every month to have this type of treatments and even sometimes we do additional procedures to strengthen the effects and maintain the results.

So today we will make a break from PRP and we concentrate on Collagen procedures. We will do Collagen to address the skin problem from a different angle. To speed up skin regeneration, redermalization. We obtained the youthful glow of the skin thanks to the PRP and Collagen will help us to stop the skin from sagging down and will increase skin elasticity and skin density. Collagen will help to reduce skin flaccidity and will allow the skin to resist gravity, reducing the effect of sagging skin, keeping it in place.

We will prepare towards the procedure. The patient has anaesthetic cream already applied. I will apply the second layer in a moment. During this procedure I will use 70mg of pure collagen. Mixing the special solution right now.

A few days ago I was celebrating my birthday and my friend told me that I look good and she said ‘whatever you are doing, keep doing it because you look great’. She wanted to know what am I doing for my face. She said that my eyes look good … I sleep well you should say…
It is a nice and assuring feeling when someone asks you what are you doing with your skin. I understand that aesthetic medicine treatments not only improve patient self confidence and personal development but also positively influence relations with others. I am not informing my friends that I do aesthetic medicine treatments but I feel flattered when they say that I look better and better every day.

We have completed our Collagen treatment. How do you feel after the procedure? At first I could feel a bit of burning in the skin. The sensation was different comparing to the PRP procedures that we did previously. However, after 2 or 3 seconds the burning stopped and now I can’t feel anything.

I am happy to hear that. This is our second collagen procedure. We will do a break from the PRP treatments to address the skin problem from a different angle. I will observe the results and I hope that our viewers will also be inspired by the effects that we obtained.

I am happy and satisfied after the treatments…


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