In order for redermalization to work properly, most effectively, we need to have the knowledge, anatomical knowledge about the patient and his health, as well as knowledge about aging processes, how to choose the right injection technique. The second thing is also very important, choose the right product because, as luckily it has already happened, that aesthetic medicine has ceased to be only chasing individual wrinkles, it has already become real medicine real medicine requiring really very very wide knowledge and not entirely it is understandable to me that when young people after studies in pursuit of cash they take on aesthetic medicine, having no idea at all, they have no clinical experience, they have no experience of working with a patient. Comedy comes out. Because they have no experience, they do not have experience working with a patient and when complications occur they have the right to happen then the tragedy begins. And taking into account that aesthetic medicine is real medicine, canons and the approach must also be taken from medicine.

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