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Since 1854, bags, shoes, jewellery and fragrance have been proudly crafted by Louis Vuitton, For the first time in history they are creating hospital aprons.

The gowns are being made for frontline workers at six hospitals in Paris. Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO: “We are proud to be able to help healthcare professionals at our level and put our know-how to create gowns for medical staff,”

More than 30 Fashion Brands are customising their production lines to Make Stylish Coronavirus Masks For many fashion, brands, the spread of COVID-19 has meant closing their stores and facing dwindling online sales. By switching to making face masks instead, many are finding a way to keep their businesses going. Designer Alan King has been making masks for years—he calls this style “future ninja wear”. He is now creating economical mask: each disposable one is just $1. Reusable masks start at $30—or if you fancy, you can go for a vegan python version for a 100 bucks.

Other brands such as Joshu + Vela or Tres Nomad normally make bags, and clothing. Now they’re making masks, those with filters cost $30, without are $20, and by buying one mask they also donate one to a healthcare worker. All shapes and sizes are allowed, and some brands even include computerised versions of face masks to their portfolio.. Switching to skincare and cosmetics in this weeks Beauty News.

The variety of collagen based cosmetics is rising. Creams and serums in addition to their soothing and moisturising properties can contain Collagen that claims to help in the reduction of principal aging parameters of the face. However, many firms do not provide any research to back it up. Not only the safety of the product but also it’s effectiveness is important to the end user. Collagen can be made in various forms and concentrations.

We spoke with Maciej Opiela the national distributor of Nithya collagen: Is every collagen the same and what determines it’s effectiveness? ‘ Nithya Collagen mousse for topical use is produced by the same laboratory as collagen dedicated for injections. This guarantees that the product contains 100% pure collagen. Any product should only be sourced from official distributors and clinical professionals. Clinical studies done on Nithya collagen have been published in the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research and the product has been tested thoroughly for many years before we obtained all necessary certificates. ‘

Many of our viewers indicate that they use collagen products around eyes to address loss of skin volume. Collagen can be indicated for treating photoaging of face, neck and hands. For the regeneration of dermal and subdermal connective tissue through stimulation of fibroblasts. High concentration of Collagen complements injectable procedures and boosts their effectiveness because it promotes natural regeneration processes.

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