Hate Speech and Unlicensed Procedures.

Eskulap Beauty News – Hate Speech and Unlicensed Procedures

April 7th , World Health Day, Poles applauded healthcare workers, thanking them for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. A few days later, medics say they are victims of hate speech. The Public begins to treat them like lepers, as they are afraid of infection. One Doctor reported that a local nursery refused to enrol her child into the facility, because of her occupation.

A post describing the dramatic story appeared in social media. An anonymous source said: “My friend who is a doctor was ordered by other residents of the block to move out during the epidemic. She tried to ignore the demands. Soon after her front door was vandalised with paint, and in the nearby grocery the owner refused her service.

There are more reports of attacks on medical staff
Ania, a nurse from the surgical department: – While boarding a bus near the hospital, I heard one of the passengers shouting: “driver, close the door because a disease from the hospital wants to get in”.

Maciek, a nurse working at the local hospital: – Neighbours have instructed their children not to play near mine. One of my daughter’s friends told us she couldn’t come because her Dad warned her that my child had a virus.

Małgorzata, resident in a district hospital: – I was returning home from 24-hour duty. I was exhausted. A couple who lives in front of me blocked the door to the staircase. They stood there shouting: “You need to move … because you will infect us all”. I started crying. I left the apartment and returned to my mother’s house. I don’t know what will happen next.

Ola, a nurse at the infectious hospital: – I went to the post office to pick up a parcel during seniors’ hours. I couldn’t do it at any other time. As health care workers, we have priority by law. When I said that, insults flew, an old man urged others to stop me entering. He broke out that I came there to kill them.

Although we can still see gestures of kindness, the District Medical Chamber in Warsaw confirms that there is a significant increase of reported hate speech and aggression towards medical personnel.

The telegraph has recently revealed that beauticians are breaching lockdown rules in order to visit their clients’ homes to give them dermal fillers and botox injections.

Reports of “non-essential” procedures being performed privately have surged since the government lockdown was introduced weeks ago.

Ashton Collins, the Director of an approved regulatory body:
“Some practitioners are doctors and nurses, while others are beauticians who call themselves qualified. Some of them have only attended a one day course while others are self-taught.”

Experts have warned that unqualified individuals would be unable to cope if a complication, such as an infection, arose from unsupervised home procedure. There are a whole host of complications which range from blindness to severe anaphylaxis from dermal fillers. If treated inadequately in worst cases it could lead to a dramatic ending.
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