Eyelid lifting without surgery – Plasma for saggy eyelids and under eye wrinkle removal.

Droopy and sagging skin on the upper and lower eyelids are a problem that can cause your face to look sad and tired. Fortunately we have a solution. Without any surgery.

Aesthetic Medicine has grown rapidly, and over the years, new treatment methods and technologies have been introduced. At Eskulap clinics we stay ahead of the game and find best solutions for our patients that bring exceptional results.

The technology we are introducing is called Plexr. Eyelid lifting and wrinkle reduction treatments using the Plexr device are achieved by means of plasma technology.

After lifting the sagging skin on the upper or lower eyelids, effects can be seen immediately after the treatment. There is some swelling visible for a few days but in comparison to classical blepharoplasty the recovery time is significantly reduced.

The procedure makes your face looking fresh and your eyes look bigger. The healthy look is achieved by removing excess sagging skin and therefore opening up your eyes for a more glamorous expression.

The device that we use in the clinic enables our doctors to remove excess skin without the use of a scalpel or any laser energy. Without plasma it would not be possible to avoid many complications related with laser and surgical interventions.

We specifically chose the plasma device to minimise recovery time and to increase patient safety during the procedure. Our main concern was to introduce a source of energy so that the current does not flow neither through the operator performing the procedure nor through the patient undergoing therapy. This is very important as some patients can’t be treated with devices that cause the flow of current through their body. It is also important that when performing eye surgery for example there is no possibility of nerve damage because no current is flowing through the area.

There are many devices on the market that claim to be working using the same principle, however the original and certified plasma devices are sold only to doctors. So if you are undergoing a plasma procedure and someone ask you to hold a grounding electrode in your hand during the treatment, you can assume that this is not a real plasma device.

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Read more about eyelid lifting and non-surgical lifting treatments here: https://eskulap.co.uk/en/treatments/face/eyelid-lifting-plasma/



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