Facial Fat Injections Liposuction and Lipolysis

Fat transplant (fat filler injections) is an effective method of reducing the signs of aging and correcting congenital and traumatic defects through autologous adipose tissue transplantation. Any amount of fat can be transplanted into different areas of the face to lift the eyebrows, fill the cheeks, folds, scars and wrinkles, and even enlarge the lips, correct the nose, temples and chin. The procedure consists in obtaining adipose tissue from the collection site (abdomen, thigh), and then re-implanting the prepared fat cells in the place that we want to modify. Human adipose tissue is rich in so-called stem cells capable of proliferating (self-replicating) and spreading to various cell lines.

At Eskulap clinics in London and Słupsk, fat transfer or lipofilling performed by Dr. Kisiel is a procedure for patients who have excess fat in certain areas of the body and want to get rid of it, while rejuvenating other areas – face, neck, breasts. Fat tissue transplant is also a great solution for people who want to reduce post-traumatic or postoperative scars. Fat transplantation procedure is not suitable for slim and very slim women due to the inability to collect the materials needed for the procedure. Therefore, it is not the right body styling method for everyone. The price of lipofilling (autologous fat transplant) for this procedure depends on the place of the procedure and the number of places to be filled. It costs from £900.