Fat Facial

If you’re looking for a minimally invasive way to get glowing, voluminous results, fat facial could be just the thing you need this summer. Fat transfer has become an increasingly popular procedure for people seeking to transform their figure and plump up facial features without the need for dermal fillers.

The procedure is simple: an experienced doctor will extract fat – typically from the abdomen or flanks – and then transfer it to volume-deficient areas, such as your cheeks, chin or tear trough. To ensure the highest possible success rate, the surgeon uses non-surgical liposuction techniques, specifically designed for fat transfer, to extract fat without damaging its structural integrity or diminishing its quality.

Once the adipose fatty tissue has been carefully purified and prepared, your doctor will re-inject it, using multiple, tiny dermal injections. The advantages of fat transfer include lasting results, naturalistic contours, and no long-term maintenance.

Compared to dermal fillers, which typically require annual top-ups, fat facial is very long lasting, with results potentially lasting 5 years or even longer. There’s also less chance of a ‘frozen’ look, thanks to the smaller, distributed fat graft injections. For those seeking a natural look, fat transfer offers very realistic contours, as grafted fat cells are capable of integrating with existing tissues and responding to changes in facial expressions.

It can also be used in certain areas of the body, like the breasts, to provide a natural, non-surgically enhanced look and feel. Relative to other aesthetic treatments, fat facial is a relatively straightforward procedure. However we recommend that you research your provider carefully, as a well-done fat transfer procedure is highly dependent on the practitioner’s experience and skill. Make sure they have a deep knowledge of aesthetic anatomy, as well as a full understanding of the injection techniques and the different types of fat. So if you’re looking for a minimally invasive way to enhance facial features and get your summer glow, chat to an experienced plastic surgeon about fat transfer. With the right provider, you can enjoy long-lasting results, naturalistic contours and no need for long-term maintenance. And isn’t that worth celebrating?



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