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We welcome all patients and viewers to this Beauty News Podcast. I would like to share the information we receive from our patients after the HIFU procedure with an ultrasound device that we use at the clinic to lift the face, pull sagging skin or to get rid of a turkey neck, the double chin. The effects that patients get can be seen immediately and the tissue lifting progresses over time, enhancing the effects of the treatment. Patients also observe spectacular results after body treatments. Loose skin, especially after pregnancy, is a big problem for women. Big shout outs to Marta. Thank you for such a positive response and warmest congratulations on your achievements.

Back to the procedures… sagging skin is not the only indication for treatments using ultrasonic technology. A very important element of everyone’s life are their sexual needs. I am mentioning this because we use the HIFU device not only on the face or body, but also use it to deal with problems such as loose vaginal syndrome and lack of sexual satisfaction during an intercourse. Perhaps for many it is a taboo topic but more and more patients are convinced of the effectiveness of these procedures.

Patients praise treatments using the ultrasound device. Advantage of HIFU is that after the procedure patients can continue to plan out their day and do not have to wait for recovery because this time is reduced to a minimum. As Dr. Piotr Sznelewski rightly pointed out, ultrasound procedures are invasive procedures, however, their invasiveness is hidden under the skin and that’s why HIFU is often considered non-invasive by individuals not affiliated with the Aesthetic Medicine Society, which is not entirely true.

In the next episodes of Eskulap Beauty News we will talk about other treatments that are very popular among our patients.

See you soon.
Michal Kisiel
Eskulap Beauty News