Interview with Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel Radio Słupsk Part 1.

Presenter Mira Hopf talks with Dr Małgorzata, owner of Eskulap Aesthetic Medicine Clinics in Poland and United Kingdom.

Doctor for some time women use different types of creams, at which moment can women start more invasive treatments? In fact, skin care can be divided into two types, care such as you said, i.e. cream or some serum or even homemade masks, but also care based on injection or mesotherapy. There is no age limit such a limit is like clinical age or what the skin tells us. Sometimes young girls, even at the age of 18 to 19, have skin that needs treatment, they are acne and various pores of the skin are oily. We have treatments in the form of mesotherapy or skin injection that eliminates these problems, i.e., improves the quality of the skin, not necessarily preventing wrinkles because not only wrinkles are the bane of women, but also skin imperfections, widened redness spiders, depressions in the form of acne scars, and we also do these treatments for young women.

If we are talking about volumetry, i.e. the improvement of facial drooping, it is already the domain of women 35 plus 40, then the easiest way to perform this procedure is a bit worse, if we are dealing with lady 50 plus, then this process of sinking is significantly intensified and we have to use many techniques here and to exercise to help such a lady raise the face oval and improve the structures she cares about. The last resort is plastic surgery, it is already 55 plus or such a condition that aesthetic medicine cannot help.

Can all people decide on this type of treatment if they have any allergic predispositions, is it rather a big question mark? Allergies are not the most important criterion, which we take into account, the most important is the interview with the patient or the patient who will come for such procedures, namely some diseases exclude the possibility of performing certain procedures at all, but it is important to examine the patient and relevant interview. So the ability to decide that this patient can be performed seemingly innocent, for example, platelet-rich plasma treatment. Because it would seem that plasma is his own tissue and nothing can harm him nothing could be more wrong if this patient is a person who has some kind of autoimmune disease we can hurt him a lot. These are Hashimoto’s diseases, these are bowel diseases, they are RA diseases. These are diseases that we absolutely cannot perform with threads and plasma, so a person who undertakes such procedures at all has medical knowledge about not harming the patient, so it is important to interview the patient who he is suffering from, what medicines he takes sometimes we can recognize it by medications the patient is taking. Because the patient or patient may be unaware of this disease that he has, but the drugs he presents to us say that he is being treated in some way and so we are departing from some of the procedures that are not possible to perform this patient because they can harm him.

Not every patient is suitable for aesthetic medicine treatments, if we want to reduce wrinkles, delay the aging process, we don’t start immediately with botox? Of course, you did not ask about a very interesting thing that is my tailstock, namely stopping the aging process, i.e. mesotherapy, so these are techniques that cause that we improve the quality of the patient’s skin, so the breaks that create wrinkles or any furrows can be alleviated by administering certain tissue stimulants and this is the first thing she does to my patients, start with mesotherapy, of course, properly matched to the character and skin to the possibilities we can do.

Botox is only one of the elements we use and serves only to relax muscles. Botox is also used in other conditions such as migraine such as bruxism or excessive sweating. We can treat botox because it is a medicine but it does not cause anti-aging process it does not stop aging reduces wrinkles and eliminates them.

Our skin does not like to be nourished like any living part of our body, you like to be watered, moisturized in some way, and not to age, do not break down. It is often said that it is also worth paying attention to nutrition, because what the body receives from us in the form of dairy fruit vegetables also has a great impact on skin quality and aging processes. Of course, it’s all true what you said I would add stimulants here, i.e. patients smoking cigarettes, unfortunately, do not care about their skin cause that it is aging faster. Free radicals that occur from any tissue quickly escape causing accelerated aging. As the most hygienic way of life, this need not be repeated, it helps to improve the condition of the skin and our entire body. Nowadays, when this coronavirus circulates very intensively, it is a very important matter being in the open air movement and proper balanced nutrition avoiding sun rays and avoiding tobacco – this is a flagship poster of aesthetic medicine. Not only botox mesotherapy, we will improve your face, and what about the rest of the body? It also needs to be taken care of. The interview during the examination often shows many things that we would like to change in the patient and we urge him to do so.

In that case, what does the first visit to your office look like? When a patient appears and talks about her expectations. The first visit is always the longest, it is the so-called consultation, it is preceded by a conversation with the patient, I watch during facial expressions during speech gestures, i.e. I assess all facial parameters that bother me, so to speak. But now she is listening to what the patient would like to change at home. sometimes you say that she would like to have a bigger mouth and I see a problem with my eyes so this first visit is as if forming such a consensus between what I see as a person educated in aesthetic medicine who can assess the face and the possibilities that I can implement to improve certain parameters and patient expectation. And of course health history if I have a disease, what medicines I take or whether I am afraid of these treatments whether she is determined or not. Because if the patient is very afraid I also withdraw from the surgery because it is not good if the patient is forced because there is fashion I want to do something. It must flow from her as if the motivation then this surgery and the better heals better. The treatment plan, i.e. I write out some procedures that I see in the patient that it should be done, we quote them together with the patient so that she is aware of the price of these procedures and in turn determine as if from what we start what the patient bothers most, what could be done at the beginning. Very often, during this first visit, we already implement one of the points in this plan, of course, these cannot be all points because we never do many treatments at once. Once, they often accumulate in one zone and we avoid performing treatments in one place at the same depth of the epidermis. Two, the pain after the first visit must be moderate. He may discourage surgery when we give him too much pain or some kind of stress. I like to spread these treatments over several visits, check how the procedures have worked out with effect control before and suggest something next.

Are most of the aesthetic medicine treatments injectable? Most of this is because I leave the care treatments to the beautician. However, I am a surgeon and naturally these procedures are more advanced and they are implantation procedures surgical procedures injection procedures face modeling implantation of a thread face lift. The offer includes several non-injection treatments: strong phenolic peels which we will only do in autumn and winter, they stretch the skin very nicely. The healing period is quite long because it is one of the stronger peels that we can do. Only doctors can do this because phenol is a very strong chemical compound that penetrates through the epidermis into the body and can give circulation problems if it is given incorrectly. The guest of the broadcast was dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel.


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