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Today I would like to share a story of a patient who came to our office … and the first thing she said after sitting down was… I have a passion for flying. Ever since my father took me to the airfield I’ve been fascinated with planes in the sky. At first I did not understand how was this related to her visit but soon it all became clear.

I remember her saying that her father was a navy general and that the air base was under his command. She loved the thrill of seeing the jets take off and she used this specific phrase that the power of the engines made the concrete floor shake like jelly. Later she mentioned that she decided to fly but her headaches and migraines kept distancing her from fully committing to becoming a pilot. At first we didn’t know what was causing the migraines. But we helped her, in the end.

I remember this patient complaining about her headaches that kept her from studying efficiently and concentrating on her daily routine. It was apparent that she cannot continue taking painkillers and damaging the digestive tract and that she needs a alternative treatment.

After the initial assessment it was found that the muscles that connect to the scalp and excessive strain placed on the neck during physical exercise were causing the muscles to develop headaches. She was sceptical and did not want to believe that the neck and scalp muscles can cause her such a big headache literally.

However during the consultation I asked her to try botulinum toxin treatment just to see if she could manage the pain this way. Fortunately this was a move in the right direction.
A few months after the treatment she sent me a message that she passed her training and all the exams and that her dream of becoming a pilot became a reality.

Stories like this make me believe that what we do is really important not only to deliver the results but also to enable patients to achieve their goals and achieve success. Jane, hope to hear from you soon, I’d like to take my child to that airfield and absorb some of the energy from those jet engines… All the best.


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