The thread lifting technology allows you to improve the contours of the face by lifting the skin. Natural processes of stimulation and regeneration are the key advantages of the thread treatment, they improve skin firmness and elasticity. This method is recommended for patients who have lost volume and want to achieve a lifting effect by focusing on the chin area, eyebrows, cheeks and forehead. Very good results are also observed with treatments to restore the appearance of the skin of the neck and shoulders. PDO threads are made of an element called polydioxanone. It is a substance that is safe for our body and has been used in medicine for many years to make absorbable surgical sutures. There are also special APTOS threads. The method of their implantation is completely different, but when it comes to their composition, they also contain polycaprolactone and polylactic acid molecules.

Short PDO threads are a type of threads that are often used in medicine to initiate bioactivation and biostimulation processes in our skin. They exist in a variety of formations and shapes. Some are built as a group of smaller threads, others are single threads. Regardless of their shape, all variants of short threads have a structure of a uniform surface without cavities. Such a PDO thread is smooth and keeps the skin in place, ensuring the desired treatment effect. Treatments with threads are considered more invasive than treatments with, for example, HIFU ultrasounds, and at Eskulap Clinic in London, natural non-invasive lifting methods are gaining popularity.

Threads with hooks with an uneven structure are an effective and proven method of skin lifting. The microscopic hooks scattered around the circumference of the thread make the thread thicker than its short counterpart. Such a thread can be used to support a portion of the skin to achieve increased effect compared to short threads. The effects after the treatment are visible immediately. Threads with hooks effectively straighten furrows, and also restore the volumetry of the face contour. Using PLLA, APTOS threads after HIFU ultrasound treatment is a great way to further stimulate the skin, smooth wrinkles, contour and sculpt the lost face volume – the so-called – non-surgical face lift.


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