Restylane Harmony

At Eskulap Clinic, the Harmony program facilitates the analysis of the face and helps to precisely define treatment goals and the expected results during consultation with the patient. Treatment results are therefore predictable, harmonious and desirable!

Eskulap Clinic empowers doctors in personalized treatment, supports patients in making decisions and accurately define their expectations – because the patient’s health is our common goal. The plan includes a comprehensive assessment of the face, taking into account five characteristics: skin quality, face shape, proportions and contours of the face, symmetry of the face, tissue anatomy and facial expressions.

This detailed analysis before treatment allows the use of the most appropriate techniques and pre-operative preparation to accurately determine the effects of treatment and long-term outcomes. At Eskulap Clinic in London and Birmingham, a harmonious, predictable treatment plan perfectly suits the patient’s needs. See what Harmony can do for you!

In order to select the best treatment option with impressive end results, Eksulap Clinic requires a thorough assessment of the patient’s face. Lips, nose, eyes or cheeks should be the perfect complement of the face – they should emphasize and bring out its unique beauty. Therefore, it is very important to carefully balance the proportions, bearing in mind the patient’s unique anatomy.

Do you want to know which treatment is best for you? How does the doctor know which product to choose? Are you afraid of the final effect of the treatment or are you not sure if the effect will be natural? Eskulap Clinic and the Harmony program allow you to clearly define your goals during a pre-treatment consultation, and it helps doctors to select the best treatment techniques and preparations so that the treatment brings harmonious, predictable and expected aesthetic results.




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