Restylane Hyaluronic Acid

Eskulap clinic in London, Birmingham are certified aesthetic medicine clinics and cooperate with Restylane – these are the highest quality products obtained in the process of stabilizing pure hyaluronic acid using innovative NASHA and OBT technologies. They will provide a sense of comfort during the treatment and will allow you to achieve the intended and personalized effects. The quality of the product is of great importance in the treatment process, but the experience and skills of the doctor also have a huge impact on the effect. That is why it is so important to verify the clinic before deciding on the procedure.

The Restylane brand is the product of choice for 25 years by doctors and patients around the world! Restylane Classic is a cult product that is perfect for various treatments – it stays in place, does not melt or add unwanted volume, thanks to which the face gains clarity, while maintaining its natural beauty.

Bet on perfection! Restylane are original preparations based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, based on quality, experience and history – over 50 million treatments have been performed with them, and the number is still growing.

Eskulap Clinic chooses Quality. Restylane preparations contain the least modified hyaluronic acid and thanks to NASHA and OBT technology, the effects after the treatment are natural and last up to 12 months!
Restylane’s fillers and hyaluronic acid will help you turn back time and return to your glamorous look. You do not have to worry that the effects of the treatment will be too noticeable, because products selected individually by a trusted doctor will allow you to obtain a personalized effect. As a result, the lips will remain natural both in appearance and to the touch.




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