Michał from Eskulap Beauty News. We are at the Revisage stand during the 22nd Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Warsaw. Ania is a company representative. Ania, please tell us what new this year the company has prepared for clients, what can we boast about?

First of all, we can boast of a new dermapenem. Dermapen 4 differs from the previous ones mainly in that it is a wireless product, which makes it much easier for the doctor to work, we have full depth control, the speed, it has more needles in the cartridge, not 12 but 13, which also allows us to do more punctures. This is a really great product and micro punctures are known for many years it is certainly a very natural regenerative treatment consists only of our own regenerative abilities.

We have a dermapen device in the clinic which is very popular. Please tell us in addition to dermapen which already has a reputation on the market what else we have in our offer.

Now, we have just joined the dermapen World family of cosmetics line for daily care, dp dermaceuticals cosmetics that can be used during the procedure after the procedure and can also be purchased by patients for home use. Also new is the Uber peel pro peeling. This is a peeling that we can combine with micro punctures, dermapen we do micro punctures first and then we do the peeling also gives great results and we recommend.

Ms. Ann, we will be in touch, now we are going to further lectures that take place here at the Hilton hotel during this wonderful conference. We hope to welcome you next year at this conference. Thank you again and best regards to our viewers.


Read more about the DermaPen skin treatments here: https://eskulap.co.uk/en/treatments/mesotherapy-london/dermapen/



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