Do you want to smooth out wrinkles in the long term and restore the natural face shape and volume? This is how the Sculptra biostimulator works at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Aesthetic Medicine in London and Birmingham! It enhances sunken areas of the face, such as folds, wrinkles, scars – reduces the visible signs of skin aging. Another great advantage is durability! It has been confirmed that the effect can last about 2 years after the first treatment!

Are you planning to subtly and long-term rejuvenate the skin of your face? The Sculptra tissue biostimulator is a suitable solution for patients who want to obtain effects based on the natural regenerative mechanisms of our body. The preparation penetrates the skin, stimulates the production of type I collagen and provides strong tissue support. Its molecules will degrade over time, but the collagen produced will be retained to provide a lasting improvement in the form of smoothing wrinkles and restoring the natural oval shape and volume. Eskulap Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in London invites you for your consultation.

For the skin to be firm, it must have a sufficiently thick and durable structure. What is the secret of the immunity of our tissues? Collagen! It supports the skin and maintains its shape, but its performance decreases with age. At Eskulap Clinic in London, Sculptra will help you restore collagen production and give you a youthful appearance. It’s completely natural! Sculptra does not fill the tissues, but makes the skin self-replenish, triggering the natural mechanism of its own collagen production. The process of tissue redermalization is long, very delicate and lasts up to 25 months! The quality of the skin improves significantly, sagging gives way to firmness, the face regains its natural volume.




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