Hello Michał from Eskulap Beauty News we are again at the 22nd Congress of Aesthetic Medicine. We are at the Skin Solution stand and we will talk with Ms. Iwona about new products. Ms. Iwona, this year the company offers clients what type of new products, what can we expect on the market.

Jalupro is a whole range of products, this year we are promoting a nice combination, i.e. Jalupro combined with platelet rich plasma. In addition, there are clinical studies and this protocol works best for women who have dark circles under the eyes very dry skin so Jalupro classic is the best and most suitable for conjunction with platelet-rich plasma. The second such protocol that works under the eye, and this is the most difficult area is Jalupro classic in a condensed release, that is, we do not give the whole product, we only combine amino acids with a smaller amount of hyaluronic acid to better work under the eyes which are more demanding.

We also have your products at our clinic which are very popular among clients and they often ask us how the product can help patients in the regeneration process or whether your products have any unique characteristics that can support the recovery process that support mesotherapy for customers, how can patients enjoy these products even more?

Jalupro is a unique product because, as you said, it is not only hyaluronic acid but also amino acids. Special amino acids that are in the amino acid chain. They are responsible for the production of our protein and they cause that our body to learn because with time it forgets how to produce collagen. Amino acids in this amino acid chain cause our body to learn. For people who age the ammount of collagen is becoming less prominent and the amino acids show, remind you how it should be done as it was once done in our body.

We will keep in touch I will try to order a few more packages from you because they really go quite quickly. Thank you again for the conversation, we will visit you again during this year’s aesthetic medicine congress. We also thank all viewers for watching.
I will add that the company is preparing a novelty by the end of this year, it will be a great launch on the market, something that has not been seen yet.

We will be here together with Skin Solution next year. We are waiting for this novelty for this new product. Thank you very much and see you soon.



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