So Surgical Masks Do Actually Work?

So Surgical Masks Do Actually Work? – Eskulap Beauty News

Media sources publish conflicting information about the effectiveness of wearing masks, and scientific research is still not sufficient. Experts’ opinions are slowly changing … and in the media we can see more and more information that encourages wearing masks.

Hello and welcome, Michał Kisiel, Eskulap Beauty News. 11 March World Health Organization announces the state of Pandemic. SARS CoV-2 virus is spreading rapidly. The situation is serious and human life is at stake.

In recent months, media sources reported that surgical masks do not provide any protection. However, common sense and research indicate otherwise.

Masks have not suddenly become more effective. Delayed information to the public about ways to protect against viruses shortens response time and prevents self-defense against the illness. Consequently, this can create risk to the public.

EVERY mask to some extent filters out even such small particles as those of the SARS virus.
Studies show that even a simple surgical mask significantly reduces the incidence of lung infections.

Masks are divided by the degree of filtration. The notion: MPPS stands for (most penetrating particle size). Easily penetrating particles have a diameter of 30-300nm. SARS CoV-2 virus is around 50-250nm but in the air it often occurs in so-called packages. This means that the virus settles on larger particles which makes it more difficult to penetrate the mask. Best filtering masks are FFP3 which are also called N99 – they filter up to 99% of MPPS.

A standard surgical mask filters about 60% of MPPS. This is 60 percent better result than no filter at all.To improve the filtering of our mask, tie it tightly, try to press it towards the face to minimize air leaks.

However, wearing a mask does not mean that to stop hygiene. We fully support the stay at home campaign… but everyone needs to know how to protect themselves. A lot depends on our individual behavior. The amount of masks availabe is not sifficuent even for doctors and medical personnel in hospitals. If you have a mask, use it wisely.

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