Aesthetic Gynecology for the sake of you – Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap London.

Aesthetic Gynecology at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap London.

Why do you need Aesthetic Gynecology treatments?

Treatments are performed by doctors specializing in aesthetic gynecology and plastic surgery. We understand the problem of increasingly noticeable hormonal changes and more frequent infections of the intimate area. Consultation with a doctor will answer your questions on how to regenerate dry skin lacking elasticity. We are here for you to advise you on how to minimize the discomfort caused by embarrassing ailments. Urinary incontinence is a problem one can notice – literally. Unfortunately, the person who experiences it gets used to it after a while. We can help you regain confidence.

At the Eskulap Clinic in London, we are able to achieve very good results. Treatments in the field of Aesthetic Gynecology are designed for you to help restore the full health you enjoyed in the past. Comfort and self-confidence are natural and necessary elements of your success in life. We will help you achieve them every day.

Aesthetic Gynaecology

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What distinguishes us from other clinics?

All our doctors are specialists, consultants listed on the GMC Specialist Register.

Safe Practice – we are certified by the only official UK aesthetic medicine society BCAM.

Radiologist at Eskulap Clinic is a specialist in the field of diagnostic imaging and member of the prestigious radiology society Royal College of Radiologists.

Unlike beauty salons, only healthcare providers employing doctors can register with the CQC.

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    Aesthetic Gynecology London

    Aesthetic gynecology specialists care for the comfort and well-being of all patients who come to us with various problems. In our Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap we carry out, among others, treatments in the field of:
    – labiaplasty,
    – revitalization of itchy vagina,
    – enlarging the G-spot and clitoris,
    – tightening the vagina HIFU,
    – treatment of urinary incontinence,
    – lipolysis of the pubic mound.

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    Regardless of whether you want to improve aesthetics, remove unpleasant ailments or improve sexual satisfaction, aesthetic gynecology comes to the rescue. London is a city that has one of the best clinics in the world, specializing in gynecology. Our specialists will certainly be able to suggest a treatment that is right for you.

    How does our work look like?

    Before starting treatment or procedures, we consult our patients. We talk about potential contraindications, problems and expectations, as well as conduct diagnostic tests. Then we suggest the most appropriate treatment for the disease or problem. Thanks to us, the intimate areas of our patients always look aesthetically and young, and problems such as urinary incontinence or the lack of satisfaction with intercourse are eliminated. We cordially encourage you to contact our clinic and register for aesthetic gynecology treatments in London.

    As the only aesthetic clinic in the UK, we use ultrasound scans and radiology specialist interpretation to determine the plan and effects of treatment.

    We are open 6 days a week.

    Eskulap is a family and that’s how we treat our patients. You can always make an appointment with a specialist you already know.

    We spend an average of 21 minutes more addressing the patient compared to other clinics *

    *Based on AMC London 2021 survey.

    Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in London

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    We address our offer to women and men

    • Not fully satisfied with the appearance of their external genitals (eg. labia or penis)
    • After childbirth (often severe, prolonged and traumatic)
    • Not completely satisfied with their sexual life
    • Conscious of their body and taking care of the quality and condition of their intimate organs

    Eskulap – the first Polish clinic in Great Britain – a guarantee of effectiveness and safety.

    A series of interviews with Dr. Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel Polish Radio. Editor Mira Hopf – About treatments in Aesthetic Medicine.

    Gym without training. Burn fat and improve muscle mass. Technological news in medicine.

    Contact data

    147 Ruislip Road,
    Greenford, London
    UB6 9QQ

    Shakespear Crescent
    Hockley, Birmingham
    B18 5BT

    phone 07747 474755

    Opening hours:

    Mon – Sat 11:00 – 18:00

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