Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid and lipotransfer at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap in London.

Penis enlargement UK, London

Penis Enlargement.

There are two adequate ways to increase penis size:

Penis Enlargement Surgery

A cosmetic surgery with advanced surgical techniques that will both lengthen and increase the circumference of your penis. This penis enhancement is a one-day procedure that does not require hospitalization. It increases the length and girth of a patient penis at the same time. The results are permanent, and the process can be replicated when needed.

Non-Invasive Girth Penis Enlargement

If you don’t want to undergo surgical intervention, non-invasive penis enlargement involving fillers to increase its volume is the best bet. Results after filler injections are not permanent. However, this method is most popular – it is safe, reversible, can be done in 30 minutes and can be repeated as often as desired.

Be aware that popular penis enlargement pills, creams don’t really work and can sometimes be dangerous.

Penis enlargement treatment with hyaluronic acid.

In London, we offer penis enlargement treatments with hyaluronic acid. It is a non-surgical method used to increase the length, weight and thickness of the penis. A very popular method that can be performed during one hour-long session with no convalescence time. The advantage of the procedure is that it can be repeated several times to obtain satisfactory penis enlargement effects.

Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid for modelling length and thickness.

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    Other available procedures of penis enlargement in London.

    Non-surgical increased penis girth – achieved by dermal filler injection

    • Quick procedure usually takes 1 hour – no recovery time – resume your daily activities immediately
    • 1-2 cm increase in flaccid length due to penis mass
    • 30-40% increased girth
    • Non-permanent results

    Phallus enlargement surgery – length + girth

    • Outpatient – no hospitalization required
    • Add 2-5 cm to length
    • 30-40% increased girth
    • Lasting results

    Girth increase – achieved by injection of autologous fat

    • Outpatient surgery – no hospitalization required
    • 1-2 cm increase in flaccid length due to increased penis mass
    • 30-40% increase in girth volume
    • Lasting results

    Length increase – achieved by Ligamentolysis

    • Outpatient surgery – no hospitalization required
    • Add 2-5cm to length
    • Lasting results

    Other procedures that can complement penis enlargement treatment.

    The below procedures can be incorporated with penis augmentation or done separately:

    • Scrotoplasty – during testicular surgery, excess testicular skin attached to the underside of the penis is removed. Few patients may experience the scrotal skin reaching further parts of the shaft. By eliminating this excess, the perceived lengths of the penis can be increased.
    • Circumcision – it may improve the aesthetic appearance of the treatment area in patients who undergo penis girth augmentation.
    • Liposuction or fat removal – patients with buried penile syndrome or surplus fat tissue around the pubic mound can benefit from non-invasive liposuction. This can increase the perceived length of the penis.
    • Psychological therapy to reduce penis size anxiety – penis size can be a significant source of anxiety in men, although counselling can help relieve this anxiety. At Eskulap London Clinic, patients benefit from 45-minute online specialist consultations that are proven to have the best results when repeated three times.
    • Penis stretching – research shows that special devices can be used to achieve stretching of the penis by 1-5 cm. The results differ broadly and require stretching for more than a few hours per day for a few months.
    • Shockwave therapy – penile shockwave therapy is designed to stimulate erection and aid in the recovery process following penis enlargement surgery, which in turn can drive improved aesthetic results.

    What should I do to increase the size of my penis?

    At Eskulap Clinic in London, we provide non-invasive penis girth enlargement with hyaluronic acid. It is recommended that you consult one of our experienced doctors. During your visit, our staff will clarify all applicable procedures, consider the required size and respond to your questions.

    Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic in London and Birmingham office

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    What are the natural ways to enlarge your penis?

    Improving penile size naturally might seem unlikely, but there are several practices someone can follow:

    1. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly, as belly fat can bury part of the penis, making it appear shorter.
    2. Pubic Hair Trimming: Trimming or shaving pubic hair can give the illusion of a larger penis.
    3. Penis Exercises: Some exercises, like jelqing, which involves milking the penis, and Kegel exercises, might assist some people. Jelqing involves massaging your penis by grasping at the base and pulling towards the head. Kegels involve strengthening pelvic floor muscles, promoting better sexual function. However, these exercises should be done carefully to avoid damage.
    4. Healthy Eating: Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can improve general body health. These foods aid blood circulation, which may help in penile enlargement – including both the flaccid and erect penis.
    5. Stop Smoking: There’s evidence that smoking can affect the size due to impaired blood flow. Quitting may result in minor gains.
    6. Penile Extenders: Some studies suggest traction devices or extenders may provide some increase, though this requires long-term, consistent usage.

    Remember, it’s crucial to consult with a medical professional before starting any method aiming to increase penis size. Lastly, focus on overall sexual health, performance, and confidence rather than size alone for a satisfying sexual life.

    The longevity of results from penis enlargement procedures can differ based on the choice of method. While procedures done by a surgeon provide results that are essentially permanent, non-invasive procedures such as filler injections offer a different set of advantages.

    These procedures are quick and create significant improvements in size, presenting an appealing alternative for those who prefer to avoid surgery. Although the results from non-invasive procedures may not be permanent, they afford the flexibility of repeated treatments to maintain or adjust results over time.

    This makes them a popular choice among patients. It’s always recommended to have a detailed consultation with your doctor to understand the benefits and expectations of each procedure.

    Yes, smoking can affect penis size. There’s evidence that smoking can cause impaired blood flow, which may restrict the flow of blood to the penis and affect its size. Quitting smoking may result in minor gains in penis size. It also improves overall health, which can indirectly benefit penis size.

    Penis enlargement pills or creams often promise to increase the size, girth, or length of the penis. Despite these promises, there’s very little scientific evidence to suggest that they work. Most of these products contain hidden ingredients, like sildenafil, vardenafil, or tadalafil, which can have harmful side effects in men who have heart disease or high blood pressure.

    Moreover, some penis enlargement pills may interact negatively with other medications or cause allergic reactions. Unregulated, these products can sometimes contain harmful substances or the wrong dosage.

    Many experts warn against the use of such pills because of their potential to cause harm to physical health and because they can perpetuate harmful ideologies about body image and self-worth. Always consult with a professional healthcare provider before commencing any treatment for penis enlargement, and consider the potential risks and benefits of various treatment options.

    At our clinic, we recommend and provide non-surgical and surgical penis enlargement treatments that are well-regulated, safe, and effective.

    How much does penis enlargement cost in London?

    Penis enlargement treatments can cost anywhere from £1,300 to £8,000, relative to the patient choice and desired results – invasive or non-invasive. At our London clinic we do not have a one-size-fits-all policy and fees are determined on an individual basis. Full price list can be found HERE.

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