How can we slim large calves?


Will my calves ever slim down?

Before you start calf slimming at Eskulap Clinic in London we should discuss the importance of these muscles. Calves are a critical part of our body. They are located between the ankles and the knees at the back of our legs and are responsible for providing support to the body enabling us to perform the complicated function of movement not limited to standing, walking or running. They also play a big role in our physical appearance and can influence the way we look and feel about ourselves.

At Eskulap London clinic we understand that the size and shape of your calves can be a source of embarrassment and insecurity. A quick, painless and effective calf slimming procedure is now available to our patients.

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How do I make my calves smaller?

Various calf slimming treatment work by targeting possible causes of large calves such as fat accumulation, water retention, and muscle imbalances. Through a combination of exercise, diet, and technology, you can achieve the slim and toned calves you desire. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the size of the calf muscles achieving the look you always wanted using a simple calf slimming technique.

Why is it so hard to lose calf fat?

Because of the function and positioning of the calf muscles they are naturally larger than other muscles in our bodies. It is common for them to store more fat due to that reason. At our London clinic, we offer calf slimming and fat reduction treatments that target this stubborn area. Reduction of fat cells in your calves can also help to reduce muscle hypertrophy. The treatments are safe and non-invasive, and the results can be long-lasting.

The calves are mainly composed of slow-twitch muscles, which have the tendency not to burn as many calories as other muscles in different parts of your body. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to loose calf fat. Calves are not efficient at burning fat – you need to help them! However, patients often overlook their calves during workout. Weaker, less visible calf muscles are not the focus of most physical exercises. This in consequence can produce weaker calves in relation to other muscles and make it harder to reduce calf fat.

Genetics and our biological heritage play a substantial role in how big your calves are. Some people are simply gifted with larger calves, and this is something that can’t really be changed. However, it is important to focus on your overall health and fitness to reduce calf fat. Following a balanced diet and regular exercises can help burn fat all over your body, including your calves.

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    How long calf slimming result last?

    Calf slimming treatments offered at aesthetic medicine clinic Eskulap in Greenford can give you the confidence to feel comfortable in your own body and to admire your own physical appearance. Procedures offered are safe and effective in reducing the size of your calves, giving you the ability to wear clothing like shorts, skirts without feeling self-conscious. The simplest and most effective method is to use a special type od product to weaken the muscles. Tiny injections can be used to address the specific areas in the muscle. After 4 months a followup procedure is recommended and the results should last up to 10 months.

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    5 Tips to make your calves smaller.

    Although it’s difficult there are a few ways to slim down your calves. Here, we’ll discuss five of the most effective methods.

    1. Perform calves oriented exercises. To target the calf muscles, do like calf raises, toe-taps, and donkey kicks into your workout routine. These exercises not only help to slim down your calves, but they also strengthen and tone the muscles.

    2. Try high intensity interval training – a great way to slim down your calves. It’s about alternating between periods of high-intensity exercises and periods of low-intensity exercises. During the high-intensity intervals, focus on exercises that work your calves like jumping jacks, sprints, and burpees.

    3. Wear Heel Lifts. These are inserts that are placed at the back of your shoes to raise your heel off of the ground. This helps to slim down the calf muscles because they’re forced to work harder to keep your balance.

    4. Incorporate Cardio into Your Routine. Good way to burn fat in the lower body is to incorporate activities like running, swimming, and cycling into your workout routine to burn more calories and slim down your calves.

    5. Try HIFU Ultrasound procedures to slim down your calves. These treatments use energy to target and reduce fat in the calves. These are minimally invasive and don’t require any downtime, making them a great option for calf slimming.

    Bonus 6. Try the injectable method which is supplying a special product into the muscle to reduce its physical activity. This is the easiest and quickest method to obtain results.

    Slimming down bulky calves can be a challenging task, but with the right techniques, it’s possible to achieve the slimmer, toned calves.

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    So the question persists. How do you make your calves smaller? With the advice you receive during a consultation at Eskulap Clinic, you can make the first step to look great and feel confident in any outfit. Don’t let insecurity stand in the way of your happiness – contact us today to find out more about our calf slimming procedure and how it can help you. So, why not contact Eskulap clinic today and find out how we can help you to achieve the look you want?

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