Crown-Root inlays are recommended in the case of severe tissue and tooth damage. Eskulap Dental Clinic London.


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If we do not properly care for our teeth, we can lead to very large damage as a result of untreated caries. In the past, teeth that were difficult to heal were simply removed, but today the trend is completely different. Patients want to keep their natural teeth as long as possible.

Modern technologies in dentistry make it possible to permanently rebuild the teeth with the use of crown-root inlays, and if we use a composite crown, the tooth can be restored even during the same visit.

Crown-root inlays are used when we encounter large tissue and tooth cavities. Visualisation ©

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Is the crown-root inlay good for my teeth?

Prosthetics perfectly copes with such problems as:

  1. Missing teeth
  2. Damaged teeth and tissues
  3. Weak and brittle teeth
  4. Crooked and unevenly arranged teeth
  5. Changes in the color and quality of the tooth surface
  6. Improving the ability to chew and chew food

What is the treatment with the use of crown-root inlays?

• The dentist can root canal treatment of the teeth to ensure the best final effect of dentures, crowns or bridges. The doctor chooses the right type of cartridge.
• Fulfilling the patient’s requests, the doctor can rebuild the tooth during the same visit or take impressions for the prosthetic crown.

What to do if you knock out your tooth? Tooth reconstruction is possible during the first visit.

Root Canal Treatment

The effectiveness of root canal treatment at the Eskulap Clinic is very high, so instead of removing the tooth, it is worth trying to save the tooth by treating it with a root canal.

Prosthetic crowns

At the Eskulap clinic in London, prosthetic crowns are used in cases where reconstruction of the tooth crown is the only method to obtain a permanent effect.

Tooth implants

Dental implants are often the only effective way to restore missing teeth for a long time. It is a safe solution that can restore your natural look.

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Quality and Safety

The priority at Eskulap Dental Clinic Greenford is patient safety and satisfaction. In order to meet all his expectations, the patient before each surgery participates in the consultation, during which the doctor informs the patient about the course and effects of therapy. At the same time, the patient is obliged to inform the specialist about his health, all diseases, past and present illnesses and allergic reactions.

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