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Implantation helps to regain a beautiful smile, care for your teeth – MOVE SLIDER

The problem of tooth loss is a problem that humanity has been facing for thousands of years. Already during the Mayan culture, animal bones, pearls or precious metals were used to replace teeth. The discovery, which became a milestone in the development of modern dentistry, was made by Branemark – while studying biological phenomena he accidentally observed that the titanium components of tools during long-term contact with live bone formed a union.

Implants produced today are a titanium piece of metal placed in the jawbone or mandible. It is a kind of link between artificial teeth and bone. It is important that the human body does not detect foreign body features in the titanium implant. The body does not create any defensive reaction. Therefore, patients who have implanted an artificial tooth claim that it has become part of their body, and its presence is imperceptible, just like having their own permanent tooth. Visualization ©

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Indications for implant placement

We use implants when we have few tooth defects. It is advisable to place implants when toothlessness threatens us or when we do not want to pull out the denture at night. When there is a problem with keeping the denture clean, the doctor suggests a prosthesis with ball latches, which gives a great visual effect.

In dentistry, both the lack of a single tooth or several teeth are possible indications for implantological treatment. This does not mean that the number of implants must be the same as the number of teeth lost. It is possible to use, for example, a ceramic bridge to reproduce the full set of teeth (crowns). Implantation procedures are performed under anesthesia and are not painful. For a dentist to be able to put an implant in, a so-called ‘healing screw’ is needed. Now, finally, on the profiled edge of a healthy gum we will be able to build new teeth that will bring our desired effect.

What does dental treatment look like, what is the procedure and is it painful?

The loss of even one tooth gives aesthetic, social and psychological discomfort. Our doctors (surgeons and prosthetics) know how important a beautiful smile is, which is why the essence of the implant is to implant the equivalent of a lost root in place of the tooth, which is associated with a stable foundation necessary for further dental treatment. The dentist takes impressions, which are sent to a prosthetic laboratory to prepare the final version of the crown, bridge or latch prosthesis.

Before the dentist starts treatment and implant placement, a detailed oral examination must be carried out, paying particular attention to the condition of the teeth, gums and bones in the vicinity of the planned implants. The decision to start treatment with implants is determined by the general state of health of the patient.

With the help of X-ray images, the doctor decides about the procedure, fixing the implant to the bone and covering them with gums. Depending on the number of implants, the procedure can last from half to two hours. The procedure is completely comfortable for the patient thanks to the use of local anesthesia.

Your well-being is part of your success.

Dental Surgery

We deal with the treatment of various types of problems related not only to bad teeth or brittle bones.


Crowns, veneers, crown-root inlays are elements of prosthetic treatments used to restore the nice appearance of the teeth.

Prosthetic Bridge

We use a prosthetic bridge to enable the reconstruction of up to 3 teeth by attaching the crown to the adjacent teeth.

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    After tooth implantation

    During the healing period of implants, which can last from 3 to 6 months, the patient may use traditional dentures instead of their new teeth.

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    Quality and Safety

    For the sake of your safety and well-being, at Eskulap clinic in Greenford, each procedure is preceded by a consultation. During the pre-surgery consultation, each patient should inform the physician about all their current and past illnesses, medications they are taking or taking, and about their health. During the consultation, a plan will be selected specifically for your needs.

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