Dental prophylaxis – scaling, airflow, fluoridation. It is extremely important to take care of proper oral hygiene. This is the basis for healthy and beautiful teeth. Eskulap Dental Clinic in London.


Dental Prevention – MOVE SLIDER

Dental prophylaxis focuses on oral hygiene and consists in preventing the occurrence of diseases of the teeth, gums and tissues surrounding the teeth. The goal of dental prevention is to fight plaque, which is very often the cause of caries and periodontitis.

We should care for the proper oral hygiene every day. It is important to care for your teeth the right way, using proven methods of brushing your teeth, and using the right tools.

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We can take care of your teeth by applying a special fluoride protective layer.

Prevention? What does the procedure look like?

During the consultations at Eskulap Dental Clinic, we will present to each patient the principles of proper care of oral hygiene (brushing and flossing methods) and offer appropriate treatment:

Scaling – the procedure is carried out using an ultrasound device that is able to remove so-called tartar. The treatment includes smoothing and polishing the tooth surface (polishing)
Sanding – involves removing dark deposits, deposits and discoloration. Often, coatings on teeth are caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking cigarettes. The sanding procedure is recommended for people who want to regain the natural whiteness of the teeth and improve their appearance.
Fluoridation – it is a process of covering teeth with fluoride compounds, which is used to reduce hypersensitivity and strengthen enamel. Fluoridation also helps protect teeth from tooth decay.
Sealing-Lacquering – they can be carried out on permanent or milk teeth. Lacquering involves filling tooth gaps with a liquid product. This mechanically protects against deposits and caries.

Scaling, Polishing and Sandblasting are your new friends in the fight against tooth decay.

Correct bite

Treatment, straightening the bite, improving the quality of teeth and protecting against decay, keep your natural teeth in good condition.

Children's dentistry

Caring for milk teeth is just as important as caring for permanent teeth, for a natural and long-lasting effect.

Aesthetic dentistry

Dentistry takes care of your face profile, treatment and straightening of crooked teeth, teeth whitening.

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    Quality and Safety

    For the sake of your safety and well-being, in the clinic every treatment is preceded by a consultation. During the pre-surgery consultation, each patient must inform the physician of all their current and past illnesses, medications they are taking or have taken, and their health. Consultation before surgery will dispel all your doubts and fears.

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    Dental prophylaxis - Before and After

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