Dental surgery at Eskulap Clinic in Greenford west London helps in recovering lost teeth, restores the natural appearance of the face and a beautiful smile.


See how dental surgery can help to improve your appearance. A nice smile is very important, healthy bones and gums strengthen self-esteem – MOVE SLIDER

Dental surgery describes various treatments in the oral cavity area. At Eskulap clinic, dental surgery services include not only the preparation of the oral cavity for specialized procedures such as implantation or bone reconstruction, but also less invasive procedures and dental consultations. At Eskulap Clinic, all procedures are performed by doctors with many years of experience and with the use of imaging techniques such as X-rays and visiography.

Specialists in the field of dental surgery at Eskulap Clinic in London deal with the treatment of various problems related not only to poor dental condition or brittle bones. Inflammation and pain may occur unexpectedly. It is best to act immediately, because the longer we wait, the more damage can be caused in the oral cavity.

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Eight wisdom tooth, molar removal and bone reconstruction are treatments that are only part of dental surgery.

Dental surgery in the mouth and around the tooth.

Not so long as 10 years ago there were no effective and standardized methods and options for treating patients with poor dentition. Today, crooked teeth are no longer a problem. Dead, black teeth and enamel can be replaced by regaining your beautiful smile. Broken teeth often cannot be glued or repaired. In such cases, dental surgery at Eskulap clinic in London is helpful.

Dentists practicing in the Eskulap Clinics in London are always waiting for new clinical challenges. Most dentists at some point encounter various problems in their dental patients that deserve proper attention.

The key is to select the appropriate techniques, methods and tools to achieve satisfactory results. Bone treatments are demanding and very precise. That is why we are ready to restore your beautiful smile and give you the opportunity to enjoy your appearance again. Before starting surgical treatment, and in cases of cataract surgery or chemotherapy, you should visit your dentist to rule out any foci of infection.

Is dental surgery safe?

As with any surgery, complications must be considered and oral surgery can be very difficult and cumbersome. Usually, before surgery, the doctor will define the scope of activities that he/she wants to perform and what may be associated with them. After the procedure, all hygiene rules should be followed. Complications exist and can occur, but in most cases they resolve quickly and can be treated. Of course, it all depends on the patient’s organism.

What you can do to improve your appearance and monitor the condition of your teeth and health.

Tooth Implants

Reconstruction of lost teeth. Implants are a safe solution that can restore your natural look.

Prosthetic bridge

Prosthetic bridges are used to fix new teeth in place of lost or knocked out teeth.


Removable dentures are removable restorations of missing teeth and are used for large missing teeth.

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    Description of tooth extraction procedure

    Before Treatment
    Extraction is one of the basic elements of dental surgery. It is carried out under anesthesia to increase patient comfort and satisfaction. Removing the tooth with the right tools is very important not only because of the patient safety but also for aesthetic reasons. Removing a damaged, sick or dead tooth is a quick and painless procedure that lasts literally a few minutes. If the patient does not want to treat a tooth, it can be removed forever. So you should think carefully about making such a decision.

    After Treatment

    Avoid eating and drinking for several hours. During the visit, the doctor will tell you how to quickly return to daily activities. We also help patients after tooth extraction, which was carried out in other clinics. Complications after removal are not common but can always happen. Remember to act quickly, don’t waste time and get help today.

    Exposing and bracketing impacted teeth – how does it work?

    The procedure for removing or exposing a so-called retained, impacted tooth is a procedure involving a tooth that has not grown properly. The reason for such tooth formation may be bad eruption, incorrect positioning or missing parts of the bone.

    The procedure is performed under anesthesia. Orthodontic brackets and tooth pulling are part of this procedure. In some circumstances such a tooth can be removed. In this case, bone regeneration and implant placement will be indicated.

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    Root resection – what is it?

    This is one of the procedures in the field of dental surgery, which in short consists in removing the root tip and filling the dental canal.
    Sometimes resection is necessary because of complications in dental treatment. The procedure is performed mostly on the front teeth. It is sometimes possible to maintain a healthy part of the tooth. Remember to prevent tooth decay, which can cause surgery on your teeth, bones and gums to be necessary.

    Dental Surgery at Eskulap London Clinic Greenford can help you with the following

    1. Teeth extraction
    2. Pain relief
    3. Problems related with impacted teeth
    4. Mandible bone defects
    5. Bone grafting
    6. Dental implants
    7. Surgical consultations
    8. Milk teeth removal
    9. Black dead tooth
    10. Broken tooth
    11. Wisdom tooth extraction
    12. Incision of an abscess
    13. Dressings after surgery in another clinic

    Quality and Safety

    Prior to surgical treatment, the patient should be in a stable condition if undergoing drug therapy. The patient should eat a meal before visiting the doctor, not with an empty stomach. For the sake of your safety and well-being, in the clinic every procedure is preceded by a consultation. During the pre-surgery consultation, each patient must inform the physician about all their current and past illnesses, medications they are taking or have taken, and about their health. During the consultation, the appropriate procedure will be selected specifically for your needs. Consultation before surgery will dispel all your doubts and fears.

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