Prosthetic bridges regenerate and improve the quality of your teeth. Support for chewing food function. Dental Clinic Eskulap in London.


See how the prosthetic bridge works – MOVE SLIDER

We use the prosthetic bridge to enable reconstruction of a lost tooth by attaching the crown to adjacent teeth. The solution that offers prosthetic bridges is effective even to reconstruct the three missing teeth side by side.`

Jakie są wskazania do wykonania mostu protetycznego? Mosty wykonujemy:

  • Aby zapobiec przemieszczaniu się zębów w do miejsc po brakującym zębie.
  • Gdy istnieje ryzyko zaniku kości, co może powodować przedwcześnie starczy wygląd naszej twarzy
  • To avoid residual food in places after missing teeth
  • To restore the correct bite of the teeth
  • To regain the possibility of unrestricted chewing of food and a beautiful smile.

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The prosthetic bridge gives many possibilities - it improves the appearance of sunken bones after losing teeth, restores the natural appearance of your smile and teeth.

What are the stages of making a prosthetic bridge?

Usually, two or three visits are required to perform. During the first one, the doctor assesses the patient, performs the necessary x-rays of the teeth, and examines the abutment teeth. If tooth decay is visible, the teeth will first have to be root canal treated. If the damage to the crown of a natural tooth is large, it may be necessary to insert a crown-root inlay. After anesthesia, your dentist will grind your teeth to prepare a place for new crowns. Patient impressions are taken and sent to the prosthetic laboratory. At the next visit, the bridge is fixed on the teeth. The doctor tries on the initially shaped bridge assessing its tightness and fit. The final stage is cementing the finished prosthetic work.

What are the indications for the prosthetic bridge?

We make bridges to prevent teeth from moving. We use bridges when there is a risk of bone loss, which can cause our face to look prematurely old. We use bridges to avoid the accumulation of residual food in places after missing teeth. We use bridges to restore proper bite of teeth and the correct ability to chew and speak. To regain your beautiful smile.

Improve your looks and restore your smile - dental bridges can help to achieve great results and improve chewing ability.

Dentures - Prostheses

Gum and tooth care is important, but bone care is essential.

Tooth Implants

Prevention of tooth movement, care for the quality of our bones and the appearance of our teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Saving teeth for extraction, restoring the natural appearance and aesthetics of teeth.

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    Quality and Safety

    In the interests of your safety and well-being, every procedure performed at Dental Clinic Eskulap in London is preceded by a consultation. During the pre-surgery consultation, each patient must inform the physician of all their current and past illnesses, medications they are taking or have taken, and their health. During the consultation, a preparation specially selected for your needs will be selected. Consultation before surgery will dispel all your doubts and fears.

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