Don’t pull the tooth out! Root canal treatment – endodontic procedures can save it!


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The Greek terms “endo” and “odont,” which together refer to the inner and tooth, respectively, are the basis for the name “endodontics.” However, in dentistry, the phrase refers to a procedure that involves cleaning root canals of germs and then filling them to stop bacterial reinfection.

When germs and cavities create severe tooth pulp inflammation, root canal therapy is required. The dentist focuses on cleaning the dental canals of germs and tissue.

Since root canal therapy at the Eskulap Clinic has a very high success rate, it is worthwhile to try to preserve the tooth rather than having it extracted. Patients are frequently advised to have a root canal since it is vastly less intrusive and expensive than extracting a tooth and replacing it with an implant or bridge.

Root canal therapy is a rather challenging process that calls for the dentist’s accuracy, endurance, and expertise. A microscope is often utilised.

The root canal procedure is painless at the Eskulap dental office in Greenford since the procedure is carried out under anaesthesia. The comfort and convenience of the patient are also extremely important to us. Visualization ©

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Tooth decay is not the end of the world. There is still a chance to heal and keep your teeth.

What does root canal treatment look like?

The first step in therapy at the Eskulap London dental clinic is always the taking of X-rays, which aid in visualising the patient’s dental issue. The pulp is treated by the dentist in order to be removed. The dentist employs a variety of instruments and techniques to help patients regain their lost confidence as well as their healthy teeth and gorgeous smile.

After cleaning, you may also fill the canals entirely with chemical rinse. There are one to five root canals, depending on the kind of tooth (incisors, canines, premolars, and molars). Your uncertainties will be allayed by a visit to the Eskulap clinic in Greenford.

Advantages of root canal treatment at the Eskulap London Clinic

Our clinic promises top-notch services since it uses sophisticated equipment for root canal therapy:

  • modern endometers for channel length measurement
  • method for canal thermal filling
  • tools made of high-grade nickel-titanium
  • surgical microscope that allows for the chance of saving the tooth rather than extracting it

The microscope allows us to:

  • examine the tooth and its surrounding areas in detail.
  • remove the old crown-root inlay and a broken tool.

This improves the quality of work done, which in turn influences the efficacy and efficiency of endodontic therapy, together with the remarkable talents of our specialists.

Root canal treatment is necessary in the case of neglected teeth in advanced caries.

Correct Bite

Tooth extraction is necessary when it cannot be root canaled. Without teeth, biting, chewing food and correct pronunciation is very difficult.

Dental Treatment

Very often, the first symptom of caries are small stains on the teeth of various colors. Untreated caries can lead to root canal treatment.

Crown-root inlays

If we do not properly care for our teeth, we can lead to very large damage as a result of untreated caries.

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