Neauvia Hyaluronic Fillers

Usage of Neauvia:

  1. Lip enhancement – enlargement and lip contour improvement
  2. Rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing the skin
  3. Face lift, wrinkle filling and reduction
  4. Modeling and lifting the cheeks
  5. Lifting the corners of the lips
  6. Diminishing and lifting the jowls
  7. Treatment of small atrophic scars including acne scars (lesions)
  8. Rejuvenation of the skin of the hands and decolletage (cleavage)
  9. Banishing dark circles, bags, swelling under the eyes
  10. Modeling of collapsed eye orbits
  11. Shaping, modeling and improving the shape of the nose

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    How does Neauvia fillers treatment look like?

    Before the procedure we use anesthetic cream which makes the whole procedure almost painless! Neauvia hyaluronic acid products are in the form of a transparent, very plastic gel, which has the task of filling the skin under the folds and lines, reducing them, while at the same time giving a very natural effect. When injected into a line of wrinkles or in the lip/mouth, the product increases the volume of the area, smoothing wrinkles by shaping the contour of the lips or the oval of the face. In addition to enlargement We use to fill the nasolabial folds and marionette lines and furrows, filling the valley of tears, smile lines or in treatments using hyaluronic threads.

    NEAUVIA Organic Intense Flux is a sterile, pyrogen-free, single-phase injectable hydrogel. NEAUVIA Organic Intense was made of highly purified sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin, derived from the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, a non-pathogenic to human body. The hydrogel is gelatinous and transparent.

    Calcium Hydroxyapatite – The aging process gradually deprives skin not only of hyaluronic acid, but also of collagen; these precious substances, naturally produced by fibroblasts, are responsible for the skin’s density and flexibility.

    A solution that really prevents the aging process is a Neauvia filler with the unique combination of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which is a naturally occurring mineral, safe for the human body that stimulates the process of neocollagenesis when placed in the skin. After application, the density and the elasticity of the skin are both improved, while obtaining the perfect volumetric effect from the HA and the best revitalizing effect from the CaHA.

    Bacillus subtilis – Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers owe their popularity to good results, low intrusiveness and safe application. However, there are rare cases where a patient’s body reacts to them against expectations. The purest form of hyaluronic acid currently available is obtained from Bacillus subtilis. This bacterium, which is non-pathogenic to humans, produces HA in a process based on water usage.

    Peg Polymer – Safety and effectiveness of fillers also depend on how they are stabilized. Usually BDDE (a crosslinking agent) is used for this purpose. While others wonder how to reduce the content of undesired substances, the scientists working on Neauvia Organic fillers decided to apply a new crosslinker PEG polymer (not a common monomer like DVS or BDDE used in all the other products on the market).

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    How often do you repeat treatment with hyaluronic acid?

    The effects after the treatment last up to 12 months. Depending on the condition of the skin and the individual characteristics of the patient after this period, the procedure can be repeated. The doctor has the right to refuse the procedure to a person who no longer needs hyaluronic acid in the area of the mouth or cheeks.

    How long is the effect?

    The effect is visible immediately after the treatment and lasts up to 12 months depending on the patient’s facial mimic and activity, the amount of sunlight absorbed and the individual characteristics of the patient.

    Quality and Safety

    For the sake of your safety and well-being, in the clinic each treatment is preceded by a consultation. During the consultation before the procedure, each patient must inform the doctor about all their current and past medical conditions, the medicines they are taking or receiving and the state of their health. During the consultation, a treatment will be chosen especially to suit your needs.

    Only a physician and qualified staff with medical education may perform treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Products used at the Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap mmKisiel London, Birmingham and Słupsk are prescription only drugs and available only to doctors. Consultation before the procedure will dispel all your doubts and fears.

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