Nose filler

Non surgical nose job – straightening crooked nose with filler.

What is rhinoplasty and hyaluronic acid 15 minutes nose job correction?

Many years of experience and specialization of Dr. Kisiel in the field of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery enable our patients to decide on the surgical correction of the nose for health reasons. At the Eskulap clinic in London, we qualify patients with breathing difficulties for rhinoplasty. This translates into the amount of oxygen delivered to the blood and the quality of sleep. Usually, after surgery, our patients notice a significant reduction in fatigue and an overall improvement in functioning. It is a particularly important aspect of life for patients with allergic diseases (inhalation allergies), in whom operated and reduced, previously oversized turbinates significantly impeded daily activities, in particular physical activity.

In our clinics in London and Birmingham, you can correct the nose for aesthetic reasons. A very popular procedure is non-surgical nose correction with hyaluronic acid. In a quick and painless way, the doctor is able to straighten the nose using a small amount of hyaluronic acid. In this case, the procedure may involve, for example, straightening the ridge of the nose (with its lateral curvatures and elimination of the hump), optically reducing the nostrils or replacing the loss of tissues after injuries at the site of scars. Its purpose is solely to improve subjective aesthetic impressions and thus improve the quality of life. A simple nose surgery can make a big difference in your daily life.

Kwas Hialuronowy Londyn

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    We consider each case individually. At the beginning, we collect a detailed interview with the patient to find out about possible contraindications to the procedure. This allows us to assess expectations and possible causes of the unsatisfactory appearance of the nose: a disproportionately large nose, crooked, humped, “aquiline” or perhaps a saddle nose. Then we perform diagnostics. In the diagnosis, we use medical devices that allow us to thoroughly examine the problem. Often, when the problem is more complex, we refer patients for specialist examinations, such as computed tomography, to assess the internal anatomy and spatial relations as well as the condition of the paranasal sinuses. With existing indications for surgical treatment, the technique and the entire procedure are discussed. When we are able to make a correction with the use of fillers, the treatment can be performed immediately after consultation. Then we propose a solution and prepare the patient for the procedure. We provide detailed postoperative care instructions and step by step guide to gradually return to full health. At Eskulap clinic, from the very beginning, we care about the comfort and safety of the patient.

    Nose job – health indications

    Zabieg chirurgiczny polegający na poprawieniu przegrody nosowej nie musi być związany wyłącznie z chęcią ulepszenia wyglądu. Wiele przyczyn zdrowotnych decyduje o tym, by udać się na konsultację do lekarza medycyny estetycznej. Niedrożność, nieprawidłowa budowa przegrody, problemy z oddychaniem czy nawet bezdech senny to najczęstsze powody sięgania po pomoc. Zabieg może także pomóc w zniwelowaniu chrapania. Po korekcie nosa pacjenci odczuwają ulgę w codziennych dolegliwościach.

    How much non-surgical nose job cost?

    Surgical procedures in the area of the face are characterized by a high degree of complexity. Therefore, the cost of nose surgery can be around £5,000. It also all depends on how much we interfere with the tissues and how extensive the treatment is. Nasal reconstruction must ensure satisfaction with the shape, but also fully restore the correct patency of the upper respiratory tract. If you are only interested in correcting the nasal septum, the procedure will be less expensive than with a large-scale operation that includes repairing the symmetry, size and function of the nose and sinuses. A specialist doctor deals with the valuation. At the first visit, you will get to know the initial cost estimate. Correcting the shape of the nose with hyaluronic acid costs around £300.

    About Eskulap Clinic

    Our medical centre in London specialises in aesthetic medicine, brings together a team of plastic surgeons who are leading experts in their fileds. Since 2004, we have been visited by many patients who are interested in changes to their appearance. Our authority is demonstrated not only by qualified personnel and professionalism. We have received certificates and awards confirming the expertise of doctors from the Eskulap clinic. We are constantly learning to carry out nose correction treatments in accordance with the requirements of medical practice and modern trends.

    Our doctors, who speak Polish fluently, will explain any ambiguities in detail. The cost of straightening with hyaluronic acid or rhinoplasty no longer has to be an obstacle. Our clinics are located in several well-connected cities of Great Britain: London and Birmingham. The advantageous location makes us easily accessible to all inhabitants of the Islands.

    Contact data

    147 Ruislip Road,
    Greenford, London
    UB6 9QQ

    Shakespear Crescent
    Hockley, Birmingham
    B18 5BT

    phone 07747 474755

    Opening hours:

    Mon – Sat 11:00 – 18:00

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