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Nucleofill – see the results before and after.

At the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap in London and Birmingham, we use Nucleofill along with modern treatment methods dedicated to our patients.

Nucleofill is a sterile, absorbable, pyrogen-free product consisting of long-chain polynucleotide polymers (PDRNs) of natural origin. Thanks to its biochemical properties, Nucleofill improves the quality of the skin and effectively prevents the symptoms of skin aging and photoaging, such as wrinkles, loss of firmness, color and delicacy of the skin. It can be successfully used in the treatment of atrophic scars. Biostimulation takes place by stimulating the fibroblast membrane receptors in the dermis. Visualisation ©

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    What results can be seen after Nucleofill treatment?

    Nucleofill, thanks to its biochemical properties, supports skin elasticity, is used in anti-aging treatments, such as the prevention of loss of skin tension, elasticity, improvement of the color and treatment of tissue atrophy. Its strong moisturizing properties are mainly due to its ability to retain water at the cellular level.

    Nucleofill has Lifting Effect

    It stimulates fibroblasts, leading to the production of type 1 collagen and elastin. By acting on the receptors, the fibroblasts are converted into myofibroblasts. This affects the effect of lifting and revitalization, regardless of the type of skin.

    Antioxidant Action

    Polymer macromolecules are able to instantly ‘scavenge’ free radicals that are captured by aromatic rings in nitrogen bases.

    Moisturizing Action

    The product works like an electrostatic sponge, i.e. it binds water through hydrophilic groups of single nucleotides, which in turn leads to deep moisturizing of tissues.

    Indications for treatments using Nucleofill strong.

    Nucleofill is dedicated to the bioregeneration of the skin of the face, body, neck, neckline and hands, and to remodel the skin of each patient, regardless of age. The treatment is recommended for patients who:
    • Want to achieve a visible rejuvenation effect without interfering with the shape and volumetry of the face
    • Strive to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, furrows and skin firmness
    • Are exposed to oxidative stress (air pollution, sun exposure, smoking, poor diet)
    • Have flabby and dehydrated skin
    • Want to prepare the skin for filler treatments to prolong their aesthetic effect
    • Have loose skin with poor circulation
    • Stretch marks, scars
    • For those who want firming and contouring, more definition
    • Bio-stimulation and increase in collagen type

    Nucleofill is a biostimulator for deep skin renewal and regeneration.

    How often should I repeat the Nucleofill filling procedure?

    Nucleofill is available in two concentrations (Medium 20mg and Strong 25mg). Both variants come in the form of a transparent gel, sterile packed. The product is introduced into the deep layers of the skin with a thin needle. The concentration of the product is adjusted to the individual needs of the patient. A series of 4 treatments performed every 15-30 days is recommended. A multi-point feeding technique is advisable. The product has a stimulating effect, works on deep layers of the skin. During the procedure, doctors at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap can administer from 1 to 6 syringes. Before each treatment, a consultation and an interview / medical examination are carried out at the Clinics in London and Birmingham in order to qualify the patient for the procedure and select the treatment technique.

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    What are the side effects of Nucleofill treatment?

    Bruising may occur, some swelling in the injection area for 1-2 days. No other side effects have been reported.

    Nucleofill Eyes

    The new bio-restructuring gel of the Nucleofill range based on low – molecular weight, highly purified, naturally derived polynucleotides, specifically created to improve the trophism of the periocular area.

    The periocular area is an extremely delicate area. Continuously subjected to environmental pollution and constantly subjected to movement when using facial expressions, the periocular area tends to age quicker compared to rest of the face. Nucleofill Eyes with highly purified Polynucleotide matrix able to activate processes of bio-regeneration in the skin both at a deep level (adipose and bone tissue), and in the dermis (fibroblast stimulation).

    Nucleofill Eyes determines three types of effects in the the Cutaneous Membrane (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue):
    • Effect in the dermo-epidermal layer
    • Effect at vascular level
    • Effect at the level of deep tissues

    Nucleofill Eyes present unique characteristics of an innovative product:
    • a gel composed of fragments of low molecular weight polynucleotide chains.
    • high-density but low molecular weight structure allows a fast penetration in tissues and an effective stimulation.

    Indications for Nucleofill under eye skin treatments:

    Nucleofill Eyes is specifically designed to improve:
    • Puffiness / Bags under eyes
    • Periocular wrinkles
    • Regenerate the skin in the Periocular area
    • Bio-restructuration of deep tissues
    • Improvement of superficial wrinkles without the use of fillers
    • Pre and post-surgical treatment (such as Blepharoplasty, surgical eye lift, laser).

    Nucleofill Hair

    The new biorestructuring gel of the Nucleofill range based on medium molecular weight and high-density polynucleotides, highly purified, of natural origin, specifically studied to improve the trophism of the hair follicle.

    Nucleofill Hair showed a significant effectiveness in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and in all cases of hair weakening, improving the trophism of the hair follicle thanks to its deep and continuous biorestructuring effect.

    Androgenetic alopecia is the main cause of progressive thinning of the hair. Throughout life, it concerns about 80% of the male population and 50% of feminine one. The widespread of androgenetic alopecia is enough to justify the designation ‘common baldness’ and to be able to consider it, within certain limits, an absolutely physiological condition. While not a real disease, pattern hair loss is often experienced as a deep discomfort with negative repercussions at a psychological and social level. In androgenetic alopecia, levels of testosterone (the male sex hormone par excellence) are not necessarily high.

    Indications for hair loss treatments with Nucleofill Hair:

    The product is indicated for treatment of:
    • Hair Loss
    • Androgenetic alopecia
    • Pre and post-surgical treatment (transplant)
    • Post-partum hair loss
    • Eyebrows
    • Beard thickening.

    How much Nucleofill treatment cost?

    At our west London and Birmingham aesthetic medicine Clinics, we offer a variety of filler products and techniques. The cost of the Nucleofill facial treatment is £300. See the full price list HERE.

    Quality and Safety

    For your safety and well-being, each treatment is preceded by a consultation. During the consultation before the procedure, each patient must inform the doctor about all their current and past illnesses, medications that they are taking or taking, and about their health condition. During the consultation, a treatment will be selected specifically for your needs.

    Only a doctor and qualified personnel with medical education may perform treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. The products used at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Aesthetic Medicine in London, Birmingham are prescription drugs and are available only to doctors. Consultation before the procedure will dispel all your doubts and fears.

    Nucleofill - Before and After

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