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When you meet someone the eyes are your first point of contact. The area under the eyes is instantly visible and any imperfections can become a serious concern. The appearance of the under eye area can be often associated with looking tired. Dermal filler injection is a non-surgical way to treat tear troughs that can help to hide eyebags and smooth the area between lower eyelids and the cheeks.

Tear troughs are the depressions located under the eyes. They are positioned between the lower eyelid and the cheeks. This groove is often very problematic as it may cause you looking tired. Thankfully this can be treated with dermal fillers.

Tear troughs are programmed in our genes and are not always the consequence of ageing. Tear troughs can often appear even in teenage years. Some patients develop the tear troughs as a result of cheek volume loss. If the cheek loses volume the support for the lower eyelid is gone and thus the tear troughs appear.

How can tear troughs be treated with dermal fillers?

The depth and visibility of tear troughs can be diminished by injecting dermal fillers. The groove between the lower eyelid and the cheek can be volumised and smoothed out improving the appearance of the area.

Fillers often last inside the body for many years so it is important not to use them excessively. Cheek volume loss and tear troughs are separate problems that need to be addressed in different ways. However, it is possible to treat both areas during one procedure. Visualization ©

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Improve your looks! Don't let your tired eyes stop you succeed.

What injection techniques can be used?

Many years ago the technique of choice for many practitioners when injecting dermal fillers was using needles. However, the risk of bruising using this technique is quite high and consequently the cannula technique was introduced. A blunt cannula pushes blood vessels aside and significantly reduces the risk of bruising.

What to look for when injecting dermal fillers and treating tear troughs?

Often patients have excessive expectations that are nearly impossible to achieve using dermal fillers. Patients tend to be very critical of how the face look and want to achieve perfect smoothness.

However, due to anatomical constraints patients need to understand that their wishes need to be evaluated with a dose of realism. Skin on the face and especially under the eyes is very fine and any imperfections can be easily seen and dwelled on. Secondly, hyaluronic acid attracts water and can expand over time.

Placement of fillers is difficult, judgement and the perception of the location and depth of filler placement can be considered an art as the amount of product to inject needs to be dialed in correctly.

At Eskulap Clinics our specialists prefer to underfill as this combined with the volumetric characteristics of the products give consistently best results for our patients.

Consequently ther goal is to satisfy the patient. Our practitioners do it safely and by assessing the needs of each patient individually.

Improving confidence in one’s appearance is not done by exaggerating the looks of the facial features but rather by underlining the natural characteristics of our unique faces and preserving the healthy appearance. Overfilling can make your face look puffy and swollen. You dont want to look tired, ‘less is more’, and the most attractive face is a natural one.

Dermal filler injections need to be performed by experienced practitioners, and even in the most qualified hands, a follou up treatment to further touch up and improve the result would be advised.

Revolumization and improved appearance of your eyes, cheeks and lips.

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    Quality and Safety

    For the sake of your safety and well-being, in the clinic each treatment is preceded by a consultation. During the consultation before the procedure, each patient must inform the doctor about all their current and past medical conditions, the medicines they are taking or receiving and the state of their health. During the consultation, a treatment will be chosen especially to suit your needs.

    Only a physician and qualified staff with medical education may perform treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Products used at the Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap mmKisiel London, Birmingham and Słupsk are prescription only drugs and available only to doctors. Consultation before the procedure will dispel all your doubts and fears.

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