ASCE+ SRLV and HRLV exosomes in Aesthetic Medicine.

ASCE SRLV and ASCE HRLV exosomes. What is the difference?


ASCE+ SRLV is dedicated for the skin. Face, hands, neckline, body. These are the areas where the use of SRLV gives the best results. SRLV fully activates the potential of the patient’s stem cells, thanks to which our body has greater possibilities of skin rejuvenation and regeneration.


It is a product designed for the deeper layers of the scalp. Designed to reduce the symptoms of androgenetic alopecia. The new technology of obtaining active ingredients helps in the fight against hair loss.

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    Indications for the ASCE+ SRLV procedure

    – Acceleration and more effective healing of wounds and inflammations after needle mesotherapy, microneedle radiofrequency, plasma correction of excess skin, laser lifting.
    – Helps in the treatment of atopic dermatitis
    – Reduction of keloids and hypertrophic scars
    – Reducing the visibility of wrinkles, improving the tone, color and hydration of the skin
    – Reduces the amount of skin discoloration, including proven in the treatment of hypermelanosis

    How the ASCE+ SRLV exosome differs from other exosome products:

    • Contains 100% isolated and purified exosomes using ExoSCRT method
    • Contains 5 growth factors that trigger skin regeneration
    • It contains 6 unique peptides that support the production and synthesis of collagen and elastin
    • 23 amino acids and coenzymes to nourish and strengthen the skin
    • Contains naturally occurring glutathione and hyaluronic acid

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    ASCE+ HRLV is used in patients who have been diagnosed with androgenic and telogen induced hair loss. At Eskulap aesthetic medicine clinic in Greenford London, we observe that alopecia is a problem for many of our patients, especially after the pandemic with a new strain of virus that has not been present in our natural environment before. The body’s reaction to hormonal and immune shock or to progressive androgenetic alopecia hidden in our genes can be toned down thanks to ASCE+ HRLV.

    ASCE+ HRLV contains:
    • Molecular hair growth factors,
    • Many biological hair nutrients.

    How much does Exosome treatment cost in cosmetology or Aesthetic Medicine?

    The technology of obtaining exosomes is reserved only for aesthetic medicine doctors. There are various creams or serums with exosomes available in cosmetology, but most of them are not injectable products that are supported by scientific research. According to my current knowledge, unfortunately, there is no ASCE+ equivalent in cosmetology. A full price list of ASCE exosomes can be found on our website.


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