PRP therapy – Platelet Rich Plasma – Vampire Lift – improving skin tension, regeneration and visual reduction of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation.


Platelet rich plasma treatment – view results before and after – MOVE SLIDER

PRP is short for platelet rich plasma. It can be also found under the name APC that stands for Autologous Blood Concentrate. Either way platelets are a specialised type of blood cells that are activated during the healing process after tissue injury. The idea is to inject concentrated platelet solution into an area of interest to stimulate healing and regeneration. Blood plasma is a fluid consisting primarily of water, stem cells, electrolytes, proteins and nutrients. The blood plasma includes, among others:

  • Amino acids: alanine, arginine, glycine, lysine, methionine, tyrosine, cysteine and others
  • Vitamins: Vit. A, Vit B: B1, B2, B4, B6, B9, B12, Vit. C, Vit. E, Vit. PP, Vit. D, Vit. K
  • Micronutrients: K, Na, Mg, Cu, K, Li, Zn, glucose and others

Platelets sow the so-called growth factors that stimulate cell division, the formation of elastin and new collagen fibers, as well as the formation of blood vessels and influx of stem cells to the injured area. In a sense, injection of the vampire lift platelet solution in to the skin is cheating the patient’s body, as the information sent by the platelets to the body indicates that there is an injury at the area of injection which must be regenerated. As a result, cell divisions, collagen and elastin synthesis are induced, as well as migration into the skin of stem cells. This process makes the skin condition better – the skin gets rejuvenated. The fight against cellulite becomes easier thanks to plasma. An additional effect that we obtain thanks to the vampire lifting is the reduction and shallowing of wrinkles, skin tightening and thickening. Reduction of stretch marks and scars, treatment of hyperpigmentation, treatment of hair loss and baldness in women and men. Visualization ©

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Plasma Therapy - Reduction of signs of aging, oedemas and dark circles under eyes, acne lesions.

PRP – The youth is in your blood – cellulite prevention

Not only at Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap in London and Birmingham the method using platelet-rich plasma turns out to be versatile and effective. Both in mesotherapy and in complex treatment. It is widely used in dentistry, traumatology and orthopedics, sports medicine and urology. The effects of the treatments depend, among others, on from the age of the patient. Younger patients respond faster to stimulation with plaques – so they require fewer treatments. Elderly patients should be reckoned with the need to perform more treatments.

The use of platelet rich plasma – vampire lifting – smooth out wrinkles, tightens and increase skin tension and moisturizing. It gives excellent results in the area of the so-called difficult droopy eyelids, bags, dark circles under the eyes and neck. Platelet rich plasma applied to the entire face gives the effect of improving the appearance and prevents aging processes. Hair loss can be suppressed by using treatments with platelet rich plasma.

Indications for treatments using platelet rich plasma

Face, neck, whole body:

  • increasing the elasticity and softness of the skin – moisturizing, thickening and rejuvenating the skin, hyperpigmentation
  • treatment of acne and acne scars, psoriasis – reduction and filling of wrinkles
  • reduction of stretch marks and scars, cellulite prevention
  • dark circles under the eyes and tired droopy eyelids


  • Improving hair growth
  • hair loss and baldness prevention
  • reducing the symptoms of baldness, strengthening the hair follicles
  • normalization of sebaceous glands functioning
  • eliminating dandruff and pruritus of the scalp
  • restoration of elasticity, gloss and density of hair

Treatment of discoloration and minor acne scars, cellulite prevention and baldness therapy in women and men.

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How does Vampire Lifting plasma therapy look like?

At the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap in London and Birmingham office, the treatment is performed after the application of a topical anesthetic cream to numb the skin. We take the biological material from the patient. Platelets are separated from the red blood cells and are concentrated. The red blood cells are then discarded and the resulting platelets concentrate is used for treatment and injected into selected areas. Minor bruising may appear after the procedure. What is the PRP after-care? Avoid using ice on the treated area and avoid anti-inflammatory products such as Ibuprofen.

How often to repeat the PRP

Depending on the skin condition and individual patient characteristics, platelet-rich plasma regenerates and stimulates the skin up to 30 days after the procedure. The best effect is given by a series of 3-4 (or more) treatments performed at an interval of 2-4 weeks, followed by one treatment every few months. The most visible effects are obtained in people who perform treatments regularly in two series twice a year.

Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic in London and Birmingham office

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How much PRP injection cost?

At west London and Birmingham clinics we offer platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP injection cost is £250. View the full price list HERE.

Quality and Safety

For the sake of your safety and well-being, in the clinic each treatment is preceded by a consultation. During the consultation before the procedure, each patient must inform the doctor about all their current and past medical conditions, the medicines they are taking or receiving and the state of their health. During the consultation, a treatment will be chosen especially to suit your needs.

Only a physician and qualified staff with medical education may perform treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Products used at the Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap in west London and our Birmingham office are prescription only drugs and available only to doctors. Consultation before the procedure will dispel all your doubts and fears.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma - Before and After

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