Plastic Surgery London

Who performs plastic surgery procedures in London?

A specialist doctor is best suited to perform surgical procedures. At Eskulap Clinic in London, non-invasive eyelid surgery, correction of protruding ears or mini face lifts are performed by a team of doctors together with a specialist in head and neck surgery dr Lewicka-Kisiel.

Plastic Surgery Treatments London

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    What distinguishes us from other clinics?

    All our doctors are specialists, consultants listed on the GMC Specialist Register.

    Safe Practice – we are certified by the only official UK aesthetic medicine society BCAM.

    Radiologist at Eskulap Clinic is a specialist in the field of diagnostic imaging and member of the prestigious radiology society Royal College of Radiologists.

    Unlike beauty salons, only healthcare providers employing doctors can register with the CQC.

    How to prepare for plastic surgery in London?

    Depending on the type of procedure performed, each patient must undergo laboratory tests before the procedure. The basic test is the complete blood count, and the results of the test will be required by doctors to find out more about the health and condition of the patient.

    Is plastic surgery for me?

    Are there any things I should remember before considering plastic surgery? Our London patients are not fully satisfied with the appearance of their bodies. Patients during the consultation with our doctors expect some kind of procedure that will enable their bodies to change. We offer procedures that can achieve just that, however it is important to know that shaping the figure with a planned diet, reducing the amount of kilos consumed together with physical exercise can give great results without any treatments. There are some changes that can only be corrected with plastic surgery.

    Since ancient times humans are obsessed with features like, strenght, influence and appearance. In todays world as we grow up we are targeted and presented with messages that our worth is based on how we look. This can be damaging to our mental health, particularly to women, who are surrounded with unrealistic standards of beauty that are impossible to obtain for the vast majority. It is reasonable that many men and women turn to plastic surgery in an attempt to achieve the ‘perfect’ look.

    It is normal for us to thrive in improving our appearance but as important is to consider all of your options before undergoing surgery. Surgery should always be a considered last, after trying other methods of achieving your desired look.

    Keep your diet up to date and control your weight as this is the most important thing you can do for your appearance. Obesity is not good for health but your appearance is depreciating too. If you are carrying around excess weight, you will eventually change your posture, look older and more tired than you actually are. Removing a few pounds from your surgical backpack can make a big difference in how you look and how you feel.

    In addition to your decision about keeping your diet healthy and weight control, you should also add getting regular exercises to the mix. Exercise not only helps you to develop discipline, lose weight, but it also helps to tone your body and give more mental and physical energy. This energy can be used to assess your plastic surgery needs during initial consultation with your doctor. Exercise can also improve the metabolism and production of collagen which is good for your skin helping you to look younger and more vibrant. Being happy with yourself is accepting yourself and this is done by knowing what you and your body is capable of.

    Of course, as with any surgery, there are some risks involved. However, these are typically minor and can be easily managed by your surgeon. Overall, surgery is a safe and effective way to improve your appearance.

    Alternatives to Surgical and Scalpel Procedures?

    For patients that would like to try other non-invasive methods of eyelid correction our Greenford skin Clinic offers treatments without the use of a scalpel. These procedures are non-surgical that can achieve good and long lasting results. All without a scalpel. The device we use is called Plexr and its widely used by surgeons in various patients and surgical procedures. The benefits of using a non-invasive Plexr device are:

    • reduced downtime and recovery period – because the procedure is non-invasive the recovery period is approximately 5-10 days. You can still work, drive vehicles or indulge yourself in your daily activities as the procedure does not mean you have to sit at home.
    • minimised invasiveness – the recovery is quick in comparison to other surgical methods because the tissues are less traumatised. This means that patients that are busy and have a tight schedule can still afford their new look.
    • no bleeding – the device is certified and safe to use in delicate areas such as around the eyes or mouth. It does not cause any bleeding.
    • good results – patients that benefit from skin lifting results obtained after Plexr procedure can repeat the treatment not earlier than 6 months after the initial procedure to further enhance the results and remove the sagging, droopy skin even more.

    How long does it take to heal after the procedure?

    The recovery time depends on the type and invasiveness of the procedure performed. During the initial visit, patients receive full information about the cosmetic surgery procedure. You have to take into account a few days of healing with minimally invasive procedures and a few weeks after more complicated ones. If you have any questions, please consult your surgeon.

    Eskulap Clinic in London welcomes those who want to improve their appearance. We offer innovative plastic surgery treatments to restore your self-confidence. See the full list of services offered.

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    Plastic Surgery London

    Our routine tasks include performing so-called rapid surgical procedures. The purpose of the procedures is to correct defects such as protruding auricles that cause the effect of large ears, facelift procedures, eyelid lifts, or a mini-surgical facelift. Ear correction procedure is called otoplasty, it entails balancing the symmetry of the face, which has a positive effect on patient’s self-esteem.

    Our offer also includes eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). The treatment eliminates the problem of drooping eyelids that make the face look tired and aged. It is a simple procedure and one of the most common. If you are interested in the potential of plastic surgery, London is a city where you can make an appointment with our specialists.

    As the only aesthetic clinic in the UK, we use ultrasound scans and radiology specialist interpretation to determine the plan and effects of treatment.

    We are open 6 days a week.

    Eskulap is a family and that’s how we treat our patients. You can always make an appointment with a specialist you already know.

    We spend an average of 21 minutes more addressing the patient compared to other clinics *

    *Based on AMC London 2021 survey.

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