Regenera Activa, PRP and Dr CYJ – non invasive treatments that help to stop hair loss – for men and women.


See how Regenera Activa, PRP and Dr CYJ help in the treatment of hair loss

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If you are experiencing any kind of hair loss, the first point of contact should be your Trichologist as they are able to advise you on the classical ways of hair loss treatment – taking pills like minoxidil and finasertide. The pills are known to have side effects so use them with caution. Also your GP should be able to perform a physical examination to assess increased hair shedding compared to the reduction of hair volume. If that is the case several conditions in women like telogen effluvium should be considered.

The hair loss interview with your doctor can give insights when the hair loss started. Unfortunately, there is a chance that hair loss could accelerate after a physical, emotional, stressful event that happened during the last few months. Your medical history and a physical examination should give an indication what is the cause of your hair loss. In women gradual hair loss or rapid loosing of hair by handfuls could direct your doctor to consider hyperandrogenism, ovarian disfunctions, irregular menstruation, acne or infertility. Furthermore, oral contraceptive medications are known to cause hair loss. Especially products with high androgenic potential containing progesterone.

Before making a decision on the diagnosis, your practitioner can perform a general physical examination and enquire about your diet, your hair care, or medical history. You should also have tests done to let the practitioner gain insights into your condition. Some test that you can do before visiting the clinic include:
• Blood test can bring information on how and what is causing your hair loss.
• The Pull Test. One of many standardised tests that you can do is the pull test. Gently pull a strain of hair to see how many of them come out. This helps determine the stage of the shedding process.

During your assessment at Eskulap clinic digital light imaging microscopy is used to look deep into the scalp. We use a special microscope to examine hair, their thickness and spacing. Visualization ©

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Hair loss is a can affect men and women. Regenera Activa, Platelet Rich Plasma and Dr CYJ are methods to minimise androgenetic alopecia and reduce hair loss.

What causes hair loss, baldness and androgenetic alopecia?

Hair loss is a common problem in today’s society. But what causes hair loss? Vitamin D is known to be linked to hair loss. Patients who suffer from spot baldness – alopecia areata (AA) were found to have deficiencies of Vitamin D. Majority of patients with low vitamin D also presented low iron and low levels of vitamin D2. Patients confirmed that hair loss got worse when levels of vitamin D decreased. We sincerely hope that future research will bring the beneficial energy of Vitamin D to be used in conjunction with other elements to combat hair loss.

DNA-testing and stem Cells? Hair loss is very often considered a condition that can be inherited. The genes are the transmission medium and the challenge is to diagnose hair problems early for any therapy to be most effective. New advancements in technology could allow stem cell therapy to address issues related to hair loss in men and women or even solve the problems completely.

Scientists have calculated that every person typically loses 50 to 100 individual hair per day. This is compensated by the hair that are growing on our heads at the same time. If new, growing hair rate is slower than the rate of the falling hair, we can call this hair loss.

It is very difficult to determine what is causing hair loss. There are plenty of studies that indicate various causes of baldness, however the main cause can’t be pinned to one specific factor:
• Genetic history (heredity). Hair loss can be inherited from your family members. It also is the most common form of hair loss. If often appears with aging and is called androgenic alopecia – male and female pattern baldness. Characteristic features of androgenic alopecia is that it happens gradually and predictable patterns of baldness cans be seen. Receding hairline with bald spots in men and thinning hair in the crown area of the scalp in women.
• Hormones. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, stress, menopause and thyroid problems can cause permanent or temporary hair loss.
• Medicine. Taking certain types of medicine can have negative side effects on the condition of your hair. Drugs often used in the fight against arthritis, cancer, heart conditions or high blood pressure are linked to hair loss.
• A very stressful event can cause hair loss to become apparent. It is considered temporary hair loss that is often reversible.
• Hairstyles. Excessive and unnecessary hairstyles including cornrows, pigtails pull the hair tight cause traction alopecia – a specific type of hair loss.

Factors that can increase the risk of hair loss?

A few factors that can increase the risk of hair loss are:
• Family history of hair loss
• Age, significant weight loss
• Some medical conditions like diabetes or lupus
• Stress, poor nutrition

What are the symptoms of androgenic alopecia, hair loss, baldness?

Hair loss can manifest itself in various ways. Some signs of hair loss can may include:
• Thinning of hair on top of the head. It is considered most common type of hair loss. It is mostly affecting people who are elderly. The symptoms in men are often the receding hairline on the forehead. In women a broadening of the part is most commonly seen. Also older women can experience a receding hairline – frontal alopecia.
• Circular or patchy bald spots. Often appear on the scalp, beard or eyebrows. The skin can be itchy or painful.
• Sudden loosening of hair. Often this kind of hair loss is caused by some sort of physical or emotional shock. You can become aware of the problem when handfuls of hair start to come out during combing or washing.
• Scalp and Body hair loss. Patients after chemotherapy, can experience loss of hair all over their bodies. This is usually temporary as the hair tend to grow back.

It is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing any distressing signs of hair loss. It is always better to start treatment early to minimise frontal fibrosing alopecia or permanent baldness. It is also important to consult your doctor if you experience any sudden or patchy hair loss or hair loss while combing or washing. It can be a sign of accompanying medical condition that may require treatment.

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What treatments are available to stop hair loss, baldness or androgenic alopecia for men and women?

There are a few methods that can be used to address the hair loss problem at Eskulap clinics in London Greenford and Birmingham. Regenera Activa, PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma and Dr CYJ hair filler.

It may be possible to reverse hair loss or slow down it’s progress. Some hair problems like alopecia areata – patchy hair loss – can sometimes resolve on it’s own within a year.

Studies have shown that humans are born with a fixed number of hair cells and when we lose them, we lose them for ever.

For years the biggest challenge of scientist all over the world was the riddle on how to restore the functionality of hair follicles to produce new hair. Various beauty and healthcare companies have since produced a plethora of products to fight hair loss but non have been successful. So what is the solution you might ask. Stem cells can be manufactured. Grown on cell farms undifferentiated cells can be transformed into any type of cell of the human body. Stem cells are used to grow whole organs, so why not hair cells? This futuristic technology is still in it’s infancy but the breakthrough of making the process available and affordable to the general public might become reality in a few decades. How long until we find a cure?

Microneedling enhances blood circulation and the regeneration process:

For years the biggest problem of scientific research was how to stimulate hair and the follicles to regenerate. At the University of Oxford studies performed on animals have proven that after irritating the skin the hair tend to grow back with increased strength and quantity. This discovery contradicted previous research that we are born with all the hair cells that we will ever have. For a long time doctors have not considered this revelation as useful in the field of hair loss treatment. However, during the current climate specialists have hope that various skin treatment techniques will surface as potential determinants of hair growth and skin regeneration.

Special hair stimulation procedures already exist on the market. They often take the form of derma rollers that cause micro injury by means of microneedling the skin on the scalp. Microneedling techniques improve blood circulation, improve and stimulate skin quality by triggering a wound healing reaction which enables hair follicles to regenerate. Until now, microneedling was mainly used to improve the absorption of medicine like minoxidil which is used in hair loss to lower the production of hormones to slow down your hair from falling out rather than producing or regenerating new hair follicles.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma is a technique of extracting stem cells from our blood and injecting those cells into areas that can benefit from stimulation of hair follicles.

This method uses the microneedling technique – mesotherapy. It is very popular and can bring god rejuvenating results. Platelets sow the so-called growth factors that stimulate cell division, the formation of elastin and new collagen fibers, as well as the formation of blood vessels and influx of stem cells to the area. In a sense, injection of the platelet solution in to the skin is informing the patient’s body, that there is an injury at the area of injection which must be regenerated. At Eskualap clinics in London Greenford and Birmingham we use PRP platelet rich plasma not only for lifting the face, hand and décolletage. It is use to stimulate hair growth and maintain regeneration of hair follicles after other procedures available at the Clinic. You can read more about the PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma procedure offered at Eskulap clinics in London Greenford and Birmingham HERE.

Dr CYJ – it’s not the name of the Doctor… it’s a name for the product. Dr CYJ is a hair filer.

A gel like, almost liquid solution designed specifically to nourish and supply essential elements to the skin and hair. High effectiveness of treatments using Dr Cyj Hair Filler is associated with the use of innovative solutions – the 7 peptides formula as well as the patented technology of sustained release and penetration of active substances. This is a breakthrough because the minimum dose of the concentrated product remains in the skin for 2 weeks after the procedure. Peptides are slowly released from hyaluronic acid deep into the skin, stimulating hair follicles, stimulating circulation and improving blood supply to the scalp. The product is also indicated before and after hair transplantation. You can read more about Dr CYJ hair filler procedure offered at Eskulap clinics in London Greenford and Birmingham HERE.

Recently a very popular procedure is the REGENERA ACTIVA.

At Eskulap clinics we offer Regenera Activa since 2015 however, in the United Kingdom it became popular just recently thanks to extensive media coverage. Regenera Activa is considered a non-invasive hair transplant system that uses stem cells and growth hormones to stimulate hair growth. Unlike other methods available at Eskulap clinics Regenera Activa is specifically designed to address androgenic alopecia. It works by taking grafts from the patient, preparing the cells in a special machine and implanting the solution be means of mesotherapy to the skin of the scalp. It is a minimally invasive procedure comparing to the classical hair transplant. There is no recovery time, there are no bandages on the head. Regenera Activa is designed to be one off – once in a lifetime procedure, however at Eskulap clinics we believe that it could be repeated after 3 years to maintain the hair stimulating effects. You can read more about Regenera Activa hair transplant system offered at Eskulap clinics in London Greenford and Birmingham HERE.

What are the main causes of hair loss?

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    Is there any medication that I can use to stop hair loss?

    Sometimes waiting for hair to grow back is not enough and medicine or surgery needs to be implemented. It is important to remember that if your hair loss is caused by another accompanying skin problem or disease, this problem will need to be addressed prior to any hair loss treatment.

    Some medicine that can be prescribed by your GP are:
    • Minoxidil. Often it is available in the form of a foam or shampoo. It can be most effective by applying it to the skin of the scalp twice a day for men and once a day for women. This product is designed to slow down the hair loss problem and to slowly regrow the hair. It does not always work and it sometimes takes six months or more for the patient to start seeing any effects. Unfortunately there are side effects that are associated with minoxidil. Scalp irritation is one of them and in some circumstances unwanted hair growth on the face and hands can be observed.
    • Finasteride. It is available in the form of a pill. Research shows that many men are indicating an improvement in hair re-growth and the slowing down of the hair loss. However, very often it take several months for the patient to be able to see if this procedure is working for you. The problem with finasteride is that you need to keep on taking it to maintain any results. Also it is difficult for men over 60 years old to achieve any effects. There are also side effects that you need to be aware of.
    – diminished sex drive
    – sexual disfunction
    – risk of prostate cancer
    – women who may be pregnant need stay away from finasteride!

    What can you do on my own to help to stimulate hair growth?

    Are there any home procedures you can undertake to increase the thickness, quality and quantity of hair? Sure there are, however their effectiveness varies and is not measured by any scientific research. Some of the products and substances include:

    Propolis – a new discovery in hair loss treatment:

    A few years ago Japanese scientists have conducted clinical studies relating to a substance produced by bees. It is called propolis and the study provided insight into the positive effects on reducing hair loss. Propolis is know to have anti inflammatory capabilities and it helps to create the base for the skin stimulation and production of new hair follicles. There is still little information regarding the effectiveness of this in male pattern baldness but it can definitely help to reduce inflammation and therefore reduce hair loss. On the other hand try eating more beetroot. Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties of beetroot can help to fight alopecia.

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    How can I prevent hair loss on my own or at home?

    Some types of hair loss can’t be stopped. This generally relates to baldness caused by genetic conditions – androgenic alopecia. Here you have some tips that may help you to improve hair quality:
    • Be delicate, don’t pull the hair, try to avoid tugging while brushing and combing. Avoid invasive hair styles and treatments like hot rollers, curling, hot-oil and permanent hair styles. Don’t put any strain on your hair by avoiding rubber bands barrettes or braids.
    • Ask your GP if any medication your are taking can cause any form of hair loss.
    • Do not put your hair in direct sunlight or ultraviolet light as this might have negative consequences in relation to hair loss.
    • Smoking is known to cause baldness in men so stop smoking.

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    Only a physician and qualified staff with medical education should perform procedure in the field of aesthetic medicine. Products used at the Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap London and Birmingham office are prescription only drugs and available only to doctors. Consultation before the procedure will dispel all your doubts and fears.

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