Abdominal ultrasound scan and examination at Eskulap clinic in London.

How to prepare for ultrasound examination of the abdominal area.

You should report for the examination on an empty stomach or about 4-6 hours after the last meal. The day before the abdominal ultrasound examination, follow an easily digestible diet. Additionally, you may take an anti-gas / anti-flatulence medication).

At least 4 hours before the examination, it is not recommended to smoke, chew gum or drink unclear liquids.

If other imaging tests have been performed in the past (eg ultrasound, MRI, or computed tomography (CT), it is best to bring them with you to have access to them.

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    How does the abdominal ultrasound examination look like?

    An abdominal ultrasound is performed through the skin (abdominal wall). Before the examination, the nurse should moisten the skin with a special gel that prevents reflection of waves. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by the human ear. High-frequency signals emitted by ultrasonic machines are safe for humans. The doctor rests the probe of the device on the skin and then moves the probe towards the stomach. The location of the probe depends on the organ being examined. Abdominal ultrasound image is displayed on the monitor.

    The ultrasound examination is performed by an experienced doctor, specialist in the field of radiology. After the ultrasound examination, the doctor prepares a description of the tests. With this result, you can go to the doctor who referred you for the ultrasound.

    Is the ultrasound scan safe?

    Ultrasound is a popular technique used to assess the condition of organs, joints and blood vessels. Ultrasound does not have a negative effect on the human body. The entire examination is usually painless. Occasionally, when abdominal pain occurs, the patient may experience discomfort during the examination. When the doctor moves the probe over the body, he may put pressure on it so that the organ under examination is visible.

    Advantages and disadvantages of abdominal ultrasound.

    • It is a non-invasive test that does not require the use of needles or syringes
    • The test has no side effects and can be performed as many times as you like
    • Ultrasound allows you to examine tissues that are not visible during an X-ray examination
    • Compared to computer tomography, the cost of ultrasound treatment is low. In addition, scans can be considered readily available
    • Ultrasound does not use X-rays. Therefore, even pregnant women are completely safe
    • Diagnostics of overweight patients can be difficult. Dense fat tissue will reduce the power of the waves from the probe
    • The emitted ultrasonic waves are dispersed in the air. It may be difficult or impossible to assess the gut or organs that contain gas.

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    Interpretation of ultrasound examination results.

    A radiologist will analyze ultrasound images. During the examination, the doctor will compare the newly obtained results with the previous results. This allows us to assess the pace of change.

    Abdominal ultrasound price.

    Abdominal ultrasound can be performed privately. The price of an abdominal ultrasound depends on the price list and the place where the ultrasound was performed. If we need the experience of a doctor who performs an abdominal ultrasound scan, the cost of an ultrasound scan can be very high. However, the price of an abdominal ultrasound is usually between £150 and £450. It should also be remembered that if the doctor performing the examination finds any irregularities during the ultrasound examination, the price of the medical consultation should be added to the price of the ultrasound.

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