Ultrasound of the scrotum and testes at the Eskulap Clinic in London.

Diagnosis of diseases of the scrotum and testicles.

Testicular ultrasound is the primary imaging method used to observe and diagnose testicular abnormalities. You are probably experiencing testicular-related health symptoms. Perhaps you’ve found a testicle lump or are in pain and need a quick response, and most importantly, rule out cancer. That’s why you decided to skip the line to the hospital and use a private testicular ultrasound.

This painless imaging test will be able to confirm what is causing the symptoms of your reproductive system, and while most symptoms related to the male reproductive system are usually mild, a private ultrasound scan will be able to confirm and rule out any sinister symptoms such as testicular cancer.

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    Private ultrasound of the scrotum and testicles.

    Private testicular ultrasound is male health, ultrasound screening to examine male reproductive organs such as testes, epididymis, seminal cord, and scrotum. Testicular lumps are very common and the test will determine what a lump is, for example if the lump is benign, such as a cyst or something more serious, such as testicular cancer.

    The scrotal bag or testicles contain the testicles and epididymis. Pain or lumps in the scrotum are very common. In most cases, these lumps are benign, and an ultrasound of the scrotum is used to confirm what a lump is. Other possible scrotal abnormalities include missing or non-descent of the testicle, inflammation, testicular torsion (torsion of the testicles), fluid accumulation, enlarged blood vessels (varicocele) or lump (tumor or tumor), infertility.

    Why would I need a testicular ultrasound?

    A testicular ultrasound may be done to look for a number of problems, including:

    • exposed nodules such as cysts and testicular cancer
    • investigate the causes of testicular pain, such as epididymitis, torsion
    • as a follow-up to monitor known conditions such as cysts or hydrocoels
    • to assess any abnormalities that may be affecting your fertility
    • to identify the causes of scrotal swelling
    • exclude testicular cancer
    • any reason for male infertility

    What preparation is required for a scrotum scan?

    There is no need to prepare for this private ultrasound examination.

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    What can an ultrasound of the testicles and scrotum detect?

    The testicular screening test will examine and evaluate your reproductive organs for any abnormalities, such as:

    • Epididymis cysts
    • Testicles cancer
    • Waterslides
    • Inflammation of the epididymis
    • Varicocele

    Can testicular cancer be detected with ultrasound?

    The short answer is yes, testicular cancer can be detected by ultrasound. Testicular ultrasound is the basic diagnostic examination of any abnormalities within the scrotum, especially when testicular cancer is suspected.

    What is the price of the ultrasound of the testicles and the scrotum.

    See the full price list of ultrasound examinations, diagnostic and ultrasound procedures at Eskulap clinic in London HERE.

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