How long threads dissolve

One of the many methods of closing an open wound are dissolvable sutures – how long threads dissolve and are they completely safe to use? If you are interested in this topic, please read on – we explain why this method is so popular. Dissolvable threads – how long do they take to dissolve in… Read more

Aesthetic medicine treatments and pregnancy – what is worth knowing?

Are you pregnant and wondering if you can participate in aesthetic medicine treatments? Facial treatments during pregnancy are not prohibited; However, it is worth carefully reading the description of the given project in which we intend to participate. Facial treatments during pregnancy – what to choose? Aesthetic medicine has a lot to offer pregnant women,… Read more

Correction of Protruding Ears at an Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Ear plastic surgery is a procedure that is very popular among patients. We are perfectly aware of the fact that different people have different reasons for making changes to their appearance. Today, one of the popular treatments used by both women and men is the correction of protruding ears. As an operation that improves the… Read more

ACE 2024 Aesthetic Medicine Conference in London

ACE 2024 Aesthetic Medicine Conference The rapidly evolving aesthetic medicine industry has spectacularly showcased a plethora of new trends, products, and techniques at the annual ACE Aesthetic Medicine Conference in London, March 2024. The most compelling aspect? A steadfast dedication towards enhancing patient safety and satisfaction, marking a paradigm shift from a purely cosmetic perspective… Read more

Aesthetic Medicine | Face&Body Winter Forum 2023

Aesthetic Medicine | Face&Body Winter Forum 2023 🎬 Dive into the captivating world of aesthetic enhancement with our coverage of the Face&Body Winter Forum 2022! 🏔️ Held amid the breathtaking landscapes of Zakopane, this gathering is a melting pot of innovation, expertise, and passion for comprehensive beauty and wellness. ✨ Exclusive interviews with leading specialists… Read more

Santa visits Eskulap Clinic London – Merry Christmas

Santa visits Eskulap Clinic – Merry Christmas As the year draws to a close and we step into a season of renewed hope and joy, we at Eskulap are thrilled to share with you our festive greetings in the most enchanting way. Our recent video featuring a dancing Santa Claus, swaying joyfully to the rhythm… Read more

Bemer – Biorhythmic Stimulation of Blood Vessels

BEMER® therapy supports the body regardless of age and health. BEMER ® technology is a medical, certified device that restores normal blood flow in the body. The first version of the technology was created 25 years ago as a result of the work of German cardiologists, oncologists and biophysicists in cooperation with the Institute of… Read more

Fat Facial

Fat Facial If you’re looking for a minimally invasive way to get glowing, voluminous results, fat facial could be just the thing you need this summer. Fat transfer has become an increasingly popular procedure for people seeking to transform their figure and plump up facial features without the need for dermal fillers. The procedure is… Read more

IADE Aesthetic Academy 2023

IADE: Innovative Academy of Aesthetic Dermatology Each year, IADE conference is held in order to bring together leading medical professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. Dr Ambroziak, Dr Szczyt are at the forefront of beauty and surgical procedures available on the market. This year’s conference will be held in Gdańsk, and Eskulap Clinic will… Read more