Eskulap Clinic Beauty Uncovered London

Eskulap Clinic is determined to supply the most valuable information about the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry by influencing weekly blog posts, quarterly magazines and the largest UK aesthetic events! Our viewers will find everything they need to know about injections, skin care, medical devices, new treatment techniques, and more. Eskulap is developing specialist training… Read more

PDO Eye Threads and Face Lift

The thread lifting technology allows you to improve the contours of the face by lifting the skin. Natural processes of stimulation and regeneration are the key advantages of the thread treatment, they improve skin firmness and elasticity. This method is recommended for patients who have lost volume and want to achieve a lifting effect by… Read more

Hyaluronidase cream – filler dissolving without injection

Hyaluronidase cream – filler dissolving without injection. In aesthetic medicine, treatments with dermal fillers are very popular because it is easily possible to obtain satisfactory volumetric effects. There are cases, however, when, for example, cosmetologists, unqualified people inject hyaluronic acid, causing complications in patients, sorry ‘clients’ in this case. Implantation with hyaluronic acid should be… Read more

Facial Fat Injections Liposuction and Lipolysis

Facial Fat Injections Liposuction and Lipolysis Fat transplant (fat filler injections) is an effective method of reducing the signs of aging and correcting congenital and traumatic defects through autologous adipose tissue transplantation. Any amount of fat can be transplanted into different areas of the face to lift the eyebrows, fill the cheeks, folds, scars and… Read more

Heughan McTavish Outlander Sassenach & Almanac

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, actors of an international format. Their first book Clanlands originated as a self made series that transformed into a TV show Men in Kilts. Widely popular not only because of the success of Outlander featured on Netflix but due to the energy and charisma of both actors. A few month… Read more

Restylane Hyaluronic Acid

  Restylane Hyaluronic Acid Eskulap clinic in London, Birmingham are certified aesthetic medicine clinics and cooperate with Restylane – these are the highest quality products obtained in the process of stabilizing pure hyaluronic acid using innovative NASHA and OBT technologies. They will provide a sense of comfort during the treatment and will allow you to… Read more

Restylane Galderma

Eskulap Clinic has 30 years of experience, over 200,000 procedures performed. Restylane and Galderma have 25 years of experience, over 50 million treatments performed and over 3,000 patients participating in clinical trials. These numbers speak for themselves! Research on Restylane products has led to the development of a formula that will ensure a high safety… Read more

Restylane Harmony

Restylane Harmony At Eskulap Clinic, the Harmony program facilitates the analysis of the face and helps to precisely define treatment goals and the expected results during consultation with the patient. Treatment results are therefore predictable, harmonious and desirable! Eskulap Clinic empowers doctors in personalized treatment, supports patients in making decisions and accurately define their expectations… Read more


Skinbooster Strong rays of summer sun can irritate and dry the skin. This time of year, we need to hydrate! Restylane Skinboosters not only moisturize. Water condensed within this product can be 1000 times the weight of the actual product. In addition it contains fibroblasts for stimulation, thanks to which our skin starts creating collagen… Read more


Sculptra Do you want to smooth out wrinkles in the long term and restore the natural face shape and volume? This is how the Sculptra biostimulator works at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Aesthetic Medicine in London and Birmingham! It enhances sunken areas of the face, such as folds, wrinkles, scars – reduces the visible signs of… Read more