Syringe liposuction, liposuction at Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap in London.

Liposuction - fat removal - stomach and chin are no longer a problem.

What does syringe liposuction in London look like?

The fat removal procedure is performed under local anesthesia. A small cannula is used for the treatment, which enables the thorough removal of fatty tissue, even from small and hard-to-reach areas. The tissue obtained during the procedure can be used as a natural filler as an alternative to hyaluronic acid. A completely natural, biocompatible, safe treatment during which there is no risk of damaging the nerves or blood vessels. Liposuction is performed by a specialist doctor.

How long does the procedure take and what are the effects after lipoplasty?

Lipoplasty takes about 1 to 2 hours. The results are visible right after the procedure. Adipose tissue along with fat cells are permanently removed from the body. After a few days the skin heals and after a week after the treatment the effects are more and more visible. Depending on the amount of adipose tissue, one treatment is enough to achieve the desired results. You can, but you don’t need to repeat liposuction treatments. The procedure is minimally invasive and the patient can return home immediately after the procedure, there is no need to stay in the clinic or wear a tourniquet. Before a week, remember to avoid overloading the treated area, including physical exertion and temperature changes. Much depends on the patient himself. A good diet, skin care and care for a healthy lifestyle support the effects of liposuction and give you the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful figure for longer.

We use liposuction to model and improve the shape of the figure - a delicate and natural look.

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    Indications for liposuction in London.

    • double chin; drooping cheeks – jowls;
    • bellies, fat in the knee area; reduction of local obesity;
    • modeling thighs, arms, buttocks and abdomen

    Contraindications for liposuction.

    • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
    • cancer, kidney and liver diseases;
    • sensory disorders, pregnancy, breastfeeding;
    • autoimmune diseases;
    • diabetes;
    • cancers;
    • taking medications that reduce blood clotting.

    Preparation for liposuction.

    • 14 dni przed zabiegiem przestać palenia papierosów;
    • w razie konieczności 7 dni przed zabiegiem wykonać badania zlecone przez lekarza
    • 7 dni przed zabiegiem nie przyjmować leków przeciwzapalnych (np. Aspiryna, Ibuprom, Ketonal);
    • Zmniejszyć ilość suplementów zawierających tranu, kwasy omega-3 i wyciągów z Ginkgo Biloba;
    • 4–5 dni przed zabiegiem zacząć przyjmować Vitacon, lek o działaniu przeciwkrwotocznym (2 razy dziennie po jednej tabletce);
    • dzień przed zabiegiem nie spożywać kawy i alkoholu;
    • w dniu zabiegu unikać zmian temperatury, nie używać sauny, solarium, łaźni parowych, krioterapii, unikać ekspozycji na słońce.

    Recommendations after liposuction surgery

    • do not use makeup and do not touch the treatment sites in order not to infect;
    • if necessary, take medications prescribed by a doctor for 5 days after the procedure;
    • do not press, rub or sleep on the treated area for 7 days;
    • 14 days after the procedure, do not perform intensive physical exertion;
    • 14 days after the treatment, avoid temperature fluctuations, do not go to the sauna, solarium, cryotherapy and avoid sun exposure.

    Modern, safe London liposuction

    We approach each patient individually, taking into account her needs and physical conditions. We are able to indicate which method of fat removal will be appropriate in a given case. In this way, we achieve fully satisfactory results. The duration of liposuction in London is closely related to the area we model. This is an issue that we discuss even before taking any planned action. The treatment does not require long convalescence, which is crucial for many people. Thanks to this, you can quickly return to your daily duties.

    Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic in London Greenford and Birmingham office

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    How much does liposuction in London cost?

    At Eskulap clinics in West London and Birmingham, we offer different types of treatments. The price of the liposuction procedure may seem higher compared to other treatments in aesthetic medicine. However, it should be remembered that once removed adipose tissue will not return to the effects last for life. The cost of syringe liposuction starts at £900. You will find the full price list of treatments, including the cost of liposuction, fat reduction, cellulite removal and lipolysis HERE.

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