What is an ultrasound scan and when is it performed? What types of ultrasound and doppler scans and diagnostic imaging are available at the Eskulap clinics in London.

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How does ultrasound work at the Eskulap Clinic in London?

Ultrasound is an imaging method that allows you to see the inside of your body in real time. Ultrasound is not invasive or painful, unlike X-rays, it does not use harmful ionizing radiation. Nowadays, ultrasound has become an indispensable tool in many fields of medicine – not only abdominal ultrasound examinations are often performed, but also examinations such as vessel Doppler examinations, examinations of other organs, e.g. the thyroid gland, breasts, joint examination, as well as the assessment of soft tissue coatings. We will explain what this test method is and when to use it.

How does an ultrasound machine work? What does an ultrasound scan look like?

The ultrasonic scanner is a device that uses ultrasound, its frequency is completely safe for the human body, and the range is 2-50 MHz. Each ultrasound system is equipped with components that emit ultrasound and receive it upon reflection from the examined organ or structure. The part that comes into contact with the patient’s body surface is the probe.

In medicine, various types of ultrasound heads are used depending on the examination performed and current needs. The head and the angle used make it possible to obtain cross-sections of the examined area. The ultrasonic device converts the received reflected ultrasound waves into an image displayed on the monitor.

Ultrasound – what is ultrasound and why do we need ultrasound?

It’s a diagnostic imaging technique. It allows you to observe the inside of the body in a non-invasive way without disturbing the continuity of the body and the risk of side effects.

Ultrasound allows you to observe organs in real time during their work, and can also be used to control the condition of soft tissues and bone structures, and blood flow. Ultrasound machines became popular in the 1960s and 1970s, significantly improving the quality of imaging and facilitating diagnostics. In the 20th century, ultrasound devices are multifunctional, advanced diagnostic machines that often save lives.

How can I pay for my ultrasound?

You can pay for your doppler ultrasound in cash or by card. International insurance companies offer access to private ultrasound examinations for individuals. If you have private insurance, your examination may be covered. Check with your healthcare provider before booking a scan.

Can you self-report to an ultrasound in London without a referral from a GP?

No prescription or referral is required for private ultrasound or doppler at our clinic in London. You can self-report for the examination and make an appointment yourself, using our contact form or by calling the reception desk.

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    Why is it worth booking a private ultrasound scan in London?

    The main reasons why patients choose private ultrasound scans:

    • long NHS waiting times
    • Get faster results and start treatment right away
    • Flexible and more suitable time for your visit
    • Reducing the fear of ‘not knowing’ before the scan
    • Convenience

    How much does private ultrasound cost?

    At Eskulap Clinic in London, we believe that private healthcare should be available to all of us. That is why we always try to keep the costs of our ultrasound services as low as possible, without compromising the quality of care. All prices are listed in the price list, with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.

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